Better Customer Service | | Published April 05, 2013

What is the best customer service software?

Like many other support teams, you’re probably looking for a help desk ticketing system that fits your company’s needs. Testing and trying all the different types out there can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if you have to configure the software beforehand. TeamSupport, one of the best customer service software suites on the market today, comes configured already, delivered directly to you via the cloud. All you need to do is add in a few of your choices to make it fit your company's unique needs. Need help with that? We are there to help!

Kim Bishop from GridPoint has benefitted from the flexibility, saying, “TeamSupport is easy. We can create different tickets for different issues, providing customized views for the customer service representative. And if someone wants to add a field, we can do it ourselves in minutes.”

TeamSupport is the best customer service support software available with its personalization capabilities, real-time support features and customer support ticket system. The customer service tracking software gives your team a help desk ticket system that allows for collaboration between team members, including an online chat support feature so you don’t have to fill up your inbox with quick-question emails. TeamSupport is not only the best, but also the most convenient choice when it comes to customer service help desk software. Screen recordings, an internal social network and e-mail integration are just a few of the multiple channels offered by TeamSupport that provide answers for your clients 24/7. If you’re ready to implement a customer service software program that satisfies both your team and your customers, contact us today!