Better Customer Service | | Published April 05, 2013

What is the best helpdesk software?

Are you unhappy with your company’s current helpdesk software? Or worse yet... maybe you don't even have one and are tired of scrolling through thousands of lines in Excel to find your service data and manage it correctly?

What product should you buy? Will you get good support? Is the pricing competitive? Many people struggle to find a customer support system that satisfies the unique needs of their team, as well as their clients. Fortunately, there is TeamSupport – a flexible and reliable helpdesk ticketing system that allows your team to work together and your customers to stay involved. We figured out everything you need and have wrapped it all up in a cost-effective software suite starting at just $20 per agent per month.

“After years of struggling with a sub-par internal tool for tracking customer issues, we have been nothing but pleased since implementing the Team Support solution!”

Veronica L. Wooten, President & COO

TeamSupport is web-based helpdesk software that enhances collaboration between team members and customers through multiple communication channels. We know that our clients want an easy way to jump in and do some of the work themselves rather than spending the time on the phone or searching online for answers. TeamSupport is the perfect tool for the multi-tasker! The support ticket system even provides your customers with tools to solve their own problems. With the various collaboration features, TeamSupport leaves your customers satisfied and feeling like they weren’t even dealing with trouble ticket software, but a full-service helpdesk support team instead. Try out TeamSupport today and find out what it’s like to have the most efficient helpdesk and system working for your support team.