Better Customer Service | | Published April 05, 2013

What is the best online helpdesk?

TeamSupport provides the simplest, yet most sophisticated, online helpdesk for your company’s most valuable assets - your customers and your team. With our collaborative support ticket system (meaning, all of your team members, along with the client, can see the same information in real time), our clients most enjoy that TeamSupport makes it easier to address customer concerns and get feedback from other members of your team.

“…Our customers also loved it for being able to follow their support cases online or via e-mail, whichever suits them more.”

Edson Lucas Carlotti, Technology & Professional Services Director

Our helpdesk software includes the best online chat feature for real-time support, a feature widely used by helpdesk team members and clients. Sending emails over and over is redundant and live chat is where it’s at! TeamSupport is more than an online helpdesk ticketing system; it is full-featured customer support software that allows your team to easily work in tandem to provide the best customer service. And don’t forget, many business professionals are on the go, work from home and use their smartphones for almost everything. Are you giving your employees the best online collaborative tools to allow them to work from anywhere in the world?

Don’t think your company could use an all-in-one system? Test drive us today and find out how easy our software is to manage. Contact us at 1-800-596-2820 today and talk to our account reps for a no-obligation live demo. Save your company time and money, and make your customers happy right now!