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When A.C.T Lighting Needed the Best Help Desk Software System, It Turned to TeamSupport Help Desk Software

Discover why the provider of entertainment lighting products selected TeamSupport, one of the best customer support solutions on the market

When A.C.T Lighting, a quickly growing provider of entertainment lighting hardware and software, needed a Web-based issue management system that would connect their entire support team with one interface, they chose TeamSupport.

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Today, A.C.T Lighting averages 500 to 1,000 tickets a month with TeamSupport customer support software, allowing team members working in different offices across the country to collaborate and resolving issues much quicker than through e-mail alone.

Since selecting TeamSupport, A.C.T Lighting also has relied on TeamSupport’s unique WaterCooler feature. Team members collaborate in a private, behind-the-scenes internal forum to solve customer service issues.

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TeamSupport, one of the top customer support software systems on the market, is designed for teams like A.C.T Lighting to deliver exceptional customer service.

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