B2B Customer Support | | Published November 28, 2013

When a Fortune 500 software company sought the best helpdesk software solution, they turned to TeamSupport helpdesk system


See how TeamSupport customer support software helped one company process 6,700 tickets and use the Customer Portal to ease the burden on the support team

TeamSupport helpdesk app case study imageWhen a business unit within a Fortune 500 software company sought the industry’s best help desk ticketing system to streamline, organize and respond more efficiently to business clients, it turned to TeamSupport.com customer support software.

The team had a backlog of nearly 400 “untouched” tickets that were submitted via e-mail but had not yet been addressed. At the same time, valuable time and resources that should have been devoted to resolving customer issues instead were being siphoned off by a high volume of requests coming in from third-party callers who are not the software company’s actual customers.

After considering several products, TeamSupport was selected as the software company’s customer support software app of choice.

The financial services company’s customer support manager says TeamSupport’s chief advantages include:

  • Efficiency. The help desk team had 400 untouched tickets and TeamSupport helped prioritize them. And, TeamSupport’s Customer Portal has helped point customers to the information they need while at the same time helping to eliminate unauthorized calls.
  • CRM integration. The company’s sales, marketing and help desk teams benefit from TeamSupport’s ability to integrate with their existing CRM for a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Flexible structure. The software company found that TeamSupport was easy to implement and customize to fit the unique needs of their support team.

Since using TeamSupport, the software company has processed 6,700 help tickets—with more every day.

Said the company’s help desk manager: “TeamSupport’s reporting functions allow us to see the volume of requests and the percentages of calls in certain categories—and then we can train our people in those key areas. With TeamSupport, we can do a lot more than we ever could before.”

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