Business Practices | | Published September 17, 2015

B2B Software Solution: 5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Customer Support

Word of mouth can have a big impact on any company, especially in the B2B sector. Providing customers with the best possible support is critical for your business's success. But providing great customer service isn't always easy. It takes a lot of effort from a dedicated team, and the representatives handling your customer support need to have access to the tools to get the job done. Customer support software specifically designed for B2B interactions helps ensure your representatives have everything they need. 

Faster customer support
Having a software solution specifically designed for B2B customer support will help make sure that the needs of customers are attended to in a timely manner. With a quality B2B software solution, tickets are sorted and organized automatically, eliminating some of the administrative tasks a representative would usually need to perform. This means reps can spend more time helping customers and less time dealing with organization and process. 

Self-help option
According to Nuance Communications, 2 out of 3 customers would rather help themselves than talk to a customer service representative. Without customer support software, it is hard to provide people with a way to access the information they need on their own. A software solution can build a database of knowledge based on previous tickets and community forums. This feature gives customers a place to visit for any and every issue they may have. If they need more information, they can simply call in. 

"Working as a team on a ticket will ensure the answer is exactly what the customer needed."

With a high-quality software solution, representatives have the ability to work together on any given ticket. This can be essential for finding the best answer for a customer. While all representatives should be qualified to answer customer questions, collaborating as a team on a ticket will ensure the answer is exactly what the customer needed. 

Unification of customer information
Relationship building is an important part of B2B customer service. The B2B environment isn't the same as B2C. Businesses spend money differently than typical consumers do, there are more people making the decisions, they don't all have the same goals in mind and pain points aren't the same across the board, according to Business 2 Community. For these reasons it's important for customer service reps to truly know their customers. Having all customer information in one easy-to-access spot makes this easier. 

Reporting and analytics
While you're probably already tracking your customer service analytics, customer support software can help improve your reporting capabilities. When you take your business intelligence to the next level, you empower your business to improve the services they provide by having the ability to better understand where you're succeeding and how you can improve.