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Customer Service Software Comparison

What makes our customer support software unique?

Why do you need a business-specific customer support software?

Customer support is different than managing individual consumers. When handling customer issues at a company level, you have to manage multiple contacts per customer, multiple tickets per company, and usually more complex issues.

That's a lot of information to keep track of, and your customers expect you to know what's going on at all times. Customer support software that isn’t specific can leave your agents in the dark about key relationships and other important data points.

I'm new to TeamSupport, but comparing a number of systems TeamSupport provides the flexibility and built in functionality that solves a number of pain points for a worldwide, multi office customer service organization.

Donald Weimer
Net Insight AB

TeamSupport is a central place for information where all staff can check on what's happening with a client. The customer notes section is awesome for things you want to easily find again.

Barbara Wiesner

TeamSupport has revolutionized our support efforts. Our clients feel more connected and empowered. Communication has gone through the roof and our client satisfaction levels are steadily rising!

Stewart Armstrong
Harris Local Government

My company has burned through several internally developed, open source, and for-pay customer management software solutions over the years I've been with the company, and nothing has balanced our needs for customization and hands-off maintenance like TeamSupport.

Jennifer Navarrete
INdigital Telecom

TeamSupport has helped us support our rapidly growing client base without us having to significantly add to our support staff. Yet our clients are still receiving world class support second to none in our industry!

Don Greenglass
Distinctive Systems Inc.

There are many good customer service software options out there. Here’s why TeamSupport is the best for businesses:

TeamSupport is built for customer support.
  • Keep track of customers with a best-in-class contacts and customer database.
  • Understand your customers better with customer families and product lines (multi-brand).
  • Always know exactly what your customers are using with the #1 choice for version and products tracking.
  • Keep track of service agreements and manage expectations with best-in-class SLA management.
TeamSupport enables you to focus on your customers.
  • Alerts notify all users about important customers or issues.
  • The Customer Distress Index™ (CDI) tells you which customers are at risk of becoming dissatisfied.
  • A fully customizable customer hub enables you to improve your users’ experience and provide self-service.
  • Sophisticated AI-powered sentiment analysis lets you instantly gauge the tone of customer responses.

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