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Customer management software that actually focuses on the customer.

TeamSupport B2B customer support software allows you to consolidate all the interactions you have with your customers, giving you deep insights into customer sentiments, and enabling you to identify critical issues or opportunities.

Make the most of your
customer relationships

Quickly and efficiently monitor and understand the pulse of your customers.
Superior Inbound Material

Customer Distress Index - CDI

One of the best features of our B2B customer support software solution is the proprietary Customer Distress Index, or CDI™. The CDI lets your customer support team monitor customer satisfaction and gauge overall customer health in order to take a  more proactive approach to your customer relationships.

Professional Design

All-inclusive Contact Info

Stop seeing your customers as simply a collection of tickets. In one location, easily see every ticket, request, or issue that any person within a given client company has made to your support department.  Plus, track additional information about them and consolidate all of their requests.

Exceptional Customer Support

Customer Insights

Putting a face to the name and viewing company history is a great way to connect with customers. Our customer information management software automatically pulls data — including your contact's photo, LinkedIn profile, and company logo and description — from publicly accessible sources.


Light Years Ahead

Customer Alerts

TeamSupport lets you quickly and easily add notes to a customer record, alerting you when the associated customer (or one of their tickets) is opened. For example, make note of a large or very important customer or alert your team about an existing/ongoing issue with a client.

TeamSupport has fundamentally changed our client-facing operation. We are able to track and maintain open issues/tasks and provide tremendous client support.
Anthony Leach, Keysight NEMO Solutions


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