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Improve the customer experience with powerful customer self-service software.

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Customer self-service software built for B2B.

B2B support can get very busy, very fast. High incoming ticket volume creates stress for agents and delays for your customers while they wait for an agent to become available, leading to negative experiences.

TeamSupport enables customers to help themselves, reducing volume and increasing customer satisfaction.


Customer hub


TeamSupport customer self-service software offers a fully customizable customer hub that can be embedded in your website or stand alone with a custom URL.

With full design access, you can make sure your customer support portal has the same branding as your website, and your customers won't even know they're using a customer self-service system!

Your customers can create and view the status of tickets, read knowledge base articles, search for information, and chat with your agents. You can choose to make the hub public or require a login to access.


Live chat


TeamSupport helpdesk software includes built-in customer chat, so you don't have to pay for another software or worry about using disconnected systems.

You can easily embed chat on your website, and customers can also initiate live chat through your customer hub to get immediate assistance from your support team.

Chats are associated with the customer in TeamSupport and create a ticket that can be used to follow up with the customer. Even when chat is offline, customers can send a message, which will create a ticket to be answered as soon as an agent is available.


Enhanced chat


TeamSupport Enterprise includes enhanced chat functionality including video and audio chat and screen sharing to improve communication between customers and support agents.

Video and screen share mean you can easily show exactly what is happening or how to resolve an issue while adding a personal touch. All this visual customer support leads to faster issue resolution and happier customers!


External knowledge base


The knowledge base is a great place to store documents for your customers to access at any time. Articles can be used to provide information on your website or to share information with customers through the customer hub. Simply create a ticket, make it visible to customers, and check "knowledge base."

Knowledge base articles support many features, like canned response, ticket deflection, easily configurable customer service portals, and reporting.

Ticket deflection

Use knowledge base tickets and tagging to display suggested tickets to your customers so they can find the answer they need before submitting a ticket!

When a customer sends an email to your support team, the system can automatically send suggested solutions as a reply, potentially resolving their issue immediately.

TeamSupport also tracks how effective your ticket deflections have been. The “Ticket Deflection Report” will show each time a user clicked on a ticket deflection suggestion and will log if that solution was used or not.

Community forums

What better way to let your customers help themselves than to let them help each other? When your customers have access to your advanced portal, they can also access your community to chat with other users as well as your support team.

You can create categories and subcategories for better organization, and the customer portal dashboard will automatically show recent posts to your users. You can even lock the post from further comments if needed, so your customers will see it in the forum but won't be able to add comments.

We appreciate the ability to manage support "conversations" with customers without having to live in our email client. Ticket automation is also high on our list.

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PureLogic Inc.

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