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Meet the Leadership Team Behind TeamSupport Suite of Products


Pete Khanna

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As CEO of TeamSupport, Pete Khanna leads the day-to-day operations and strategic vision of the company. He is a proven business leader with more than 20 years of experience in senior executive roles at competitive, high growth software and technology companies. His business acumen and leadership skills have positioned him as a technology veteran in scaling growth businesses into market leaders. Pete is passionate about building high performing teams, developing extraordinary company cultures, creating outstanding customer satisfaction, and building companies that generate stakeholder (employee, customer investor) value.

Prior to joining TeamSupport, Pete was CEO of TrackVia where he led the company from an early stage start-up to an industry-leading company in the Low-Code Application market. Prior to that, Pete was President and COO of MX Logic where he helped grow the company into a cloud-based email and web security leader, leading the company to an acquisition by global security software giant McAfee.

Pete earned a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He lives with his wife and three sons in Erie, Colorado.

Passionate About Customer Service Because: At the core of every great company is a passionate customer base.

When Not Working to Revolutionize the Help Desk Industry: Pete is traveling with his family or getting outside while golfing, skiing or fishing.

Favorite Quote: "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."  (Vince Lombardi)

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Eric Harrington



Eric is a proven leader with a solid track record of assembling talented, passionate people while building a culture of excellence that orbits around helping businesses increase their value and achieve success.

Co-founding TeamSupport in 2008, Eric is one of three founders who helped build what is now a global mission-critical business solution for managing customer support. TeamSupport increases enterprise value by strengthening customer relationships that result in reduced churn, consistent renewals, account expansion, and advocacy.

Prior to TeamSupport, he held senior leadership roles at Avid Technology and Sundance Digital, focusing on customer experience, business partnerships and integrations, and passionate employees. In 2006, Sundance executed a very successful strategic exit to Avid.

Eric is a former US Marine, serving with Third Battalion, First Marines and participating in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.  During his final year with the Marines, Eric was meritoriously promoted to work directly under Camp Pendleton Base Brigadier General C.W. Reinke and Chief of Staff Colonel Steve Fisher.

Passionate About Customer Service Because: When customers are happy, everyone is happy!

When Not Working to Revolutionize the Help Desk Industry: Eric is exploring the great wide open with his family.

Favorite Quote: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” (Walt Disney)


Vice President of Marketing

Stew Maurer

Stew Maurer, VP of Marketing


As the VP of Marketing for TeamSupport, Stew is charged with driving go-to-market strategy and growing the TeamSupport brand. As a 20-year B2B marketing vet, Stew is passionate about delivering a world-class customer experience that starts with the first interaction and lasts throughout the entire relationship. 

Prior to joining TeamSupport, Stew was the EVP of Marketing at market research leader GutCheck and has held executive marketing positions for other growth-phase B2B organizations including Convercent, Crownpeak, and Maptek. Stew has also worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands like Charles Schwab and Oracle, giving him a unique perspective on how to foster a world-class marketing team.    

Stew lives in beautiful Parker, Colorado with his wife Jill and daughter Amelia. 

Passionate About Customer Service Because: It’s easy to forget that your customers pay your salary. They give you raises, and help you get promoted, but if they’re unhappy and churn they’re essentially firing you. Supporting them well requires developing empathy for their experience with your product. Done well, that empathy builds trust, which allows you to build a lasting relationship. 

When Not Working to Revolutionize the Help Desk Industry: Stew is most likely playing with his daughter at the pool, perfecting his barbeque skills, or frustrating himself on the golf course. 

Favorite Quote: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

Senior vice president of sales

Doug Baudler



As the SVP of Sales & Business Development of TeamSupport, Doug Baudler leads the strategy and execution of the Sales Organization. He has spent 16+ years working for industry-leading SaaS companies in every role. His vast experience has exposed him to sales organizations, methodologies, and GTM strategies of some of the most successful sales teams in the industry. Doug is customer-focused, passionate about building a great culture and developing the careers of all those who work with him.

Prior to joining TeamSupport, Doug was the VP of Sales & Success at AtSpoke where he oversaw all GTM functions for an early-stage startup. Additionally, he led the sales team at Talkdesk during a hyper-growth period where they achieved unicorn status based on his teams’ performance. He has worked alongside thought leaders as well as propelled the careers of many salespeople during his tenure.   

Doug currently resides in San Francisco, CA with his family.

Passionate About Customer Service Because: Helping people by delivering a better overall experience to the things that are important to them brings humanity back to the forefront of service.

When Not Working to Revolutionize the Help Desk Industry: Doug is spending quality time playing with his young children or taking on a new hobby.

Favorite Quote: "Approach each day with an enthusiasm unknown to humanity”  (Jim Harbaugh)

Chief Financial Officer

Corbin Baumel



Corbin is the Chief Financial Officer of TeamSupport, leading the company’s finance, accounting, human resources, contracting and compliance functions. Corbin has proven his strategic leadership capabilities in several software and software-enabled services companies, specializing in building and monetizing businesses, raising capital and M&A, and executive management.

Prior to joining TeamSupport, Corbin held key leadership roles at several technology companies, including CFO of Axiometrics, and CFO of LPB Energy Management.

Corbin earned his MBA in finance from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Passionate About Customer Service Because: It’s not enough to just have a great product – the best companies provide delightful experiences to their customers. It's about people helping people.

When Not Working to Revolutionize the Help Desk Industry: Corbin enjoys traveling with his family, listening to music, and learning new things.

Favorite Quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Plato)