Improving Customer Support Through Unified OmniChannel Customer Self-Service

The Support Experience is Just as Important as the Product 

Although it may sound strange, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through customer self-service.  But there's a catch, to do it right you must offer omnichannel support - not just by using different channels, but by offering a unified experience for your customers. 


A unified experience is like taking the multi-channel approach and gold-plating it, so that no matter how your customers access your support (email, phone, portal, social media, etc.) they get the SAME wonderful experience.  Using the right system not only accomplishes this, but also eases the burden on your support team, reducing frustration and improving morale.


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  • What is Unified Omnichannel Customer Self-Service (UOCSS)
  • What do today's customers expect from customer support
  • How an omnichannel solution helps both the customer and the support team
  • What makes a great omnichanel customer support system

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