Understand Your Customers

Your customer service ticketing system should allow you to easily track and view details about your customers and products.

When a customer contacts you, you should easily and quickly be able to access information on what other issues they have had recently, who else has been contacting you, and what products they currently have. With TeamSupport, all of that data is in the system and accessible with a click.

Supporting your customers is more than just answering tickets. It’s about understanding their needs and issues and being able to solve them through teamwork.

TeamSupport help desk software allows you to consolidate ALL interactions you have with your customers.

TeamSupport’s help desk support software features an integrated customer database.  You can see all of the contacts within an organization, the outstanding and historical issues they’ve had, and other customizable data.  You can store document attachments to the customers as well as general notes, and, of course, you can also use the WaterCooler to have conversations about your customers.

TeamSupport helpdesk software - NEW Customer Database

In one location, you can easily see EVERY ticket, request, or issue that any person within a given client company has made to your support department, and you can run reports to help identify which customers are demanding the most from your support team.

The customer database keeps all critical information about your customers in one location, and this allows you to understand your customers in a much more holistic manner instead of just reacting to individual tickets.

Instead of simply seeing your customers as a collection of tickets, you can track a great deal of additional information about them and consolidate all of their requests together. In addition, TeamSupport integrates with popular CRM systems like SalesForce, Oracle Fusion and others, so information can be synchronized between systems.

Our newest addition to the customer database is the Customer Distress Index, or CDI for short.  The CDI enables your customer support team to monitor customer satisfaction and take a proactive approach to issue resolution.

customer distress index

The CDI calculates when a customer may be getting frustrated, so that support teams can foresee potential issues.  The CDI assigns each customer a number based on 5 customizable variables – tickets created over the customer lifetime, tickets created in the past month, current open tickets, average time open, and average time to close.

The easy to read indicator is incorporated into the customer overview page, and of course both the CDI and Indicator are included in our robust reporting metrics.


customer detail with alert

And of course, since TeamSupport understands the importance of managing customers at the company level, our software also offers a unique feature called Customer Alerts.   Our customer database allows you to create alert messages associated with any customer which will pop up

every time that customer (or a ticket associated with them) is viewed.  This is great to share organizational knowledge easily and transparently throughout your company.

For example, you might want to make note of a large or very important customer, or alert your team about an existing/ongoing issue with a client, so that everyone in the company is aware.  This feature is especially helpful for new employees who do not yet have the deep understanding of each individual customer.