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Global provider of high-quality entertainment lighting hardware and software improves efficiency through better collaboration and integration with TeamSupport.

Improve collaboration between departments

For A.C.T. Lighting, an importer and provider of high-quality entertainment lighting products including hardware and software, the show must always go on.

But as the company has grown, the level of support required by customers has increased as well. While A.C.T. Lighting prides itself on standing 100% behind its hardware and software products, keeping up with customer inquiries was increasingly challenging with a growing customer base and a support team
spread among Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and locations in between.

“We needed a Web-based system that would connect the whole team together in one interface and get us away from using e-mail as a way of internally addressing customer issues,” explains Will Murphy, Director of Software Support & Development.

The TeamSupport Difference

Murphy says TeamSupport was the natural choice because of its:

  • Ease of use
    The team was seeking a web-based help desk solution that would be easy to set up and use, with a great interface. A web-based system minimized the need for IT support and avoided OS incompatibilities.
  • Integration capabilities with popular business tools
    A.C.T. Lighting needed a help desk software that would integrate with its sales team’s CRM. “What caught our eye was that TeamSupport was already integrated with key players like Highrise, Zoho and Salesforce,” says Murphy.
  • Affordable price
    A.C.T. Lighting required a cost-effective solution, and TeamSupport offered significantly more features for the price. 

About A.C.T. Lighting

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Entertainment lighting hardware and software.


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  • Improved ticket visibility for both customers and agents

  • Savings in staff time, resulting in higher level management without reducing productivity or adding staff
  • Faster, more responsive customer service

We needed a Web-based system that would connect the whole team together in one interface and get us away from using e-mail as a way of internally addressing customer issues.

Will Murphy
Director of Software Support

A.C.T. Lighting’s support team also relies on TeamSupport’s unique WaterCooler, an internal social media tool that allows team members to participate in group discussions in a private, internal forum that is behind the scenes. With team members in far-flung offices across coasts, the WaterCooler brings them together in a protected online space to share information within the group to solve customer issues and collaborate about R&D.

Not only does the WaterCooler provide a secure space for team members to solve problems together, but these conversations can also be linked to tickets, issues, groups or people as appropriate.

“What’s great about TeamSupport’s WaterCooler feature is that everyone on the team can benefit from shared knowledge, problems are solved, and customers are served with greater efficiency,” explains Murphy. 

Today, A.C.T. Lighting averages about 500 to 1,000 tickets a month. “I can’t believe we were doing that all via e-mail,” says Murphy. “We needed TeamSupport because we were seeing issues popping up that were more complicated or complex—One person may not know the answer, so you need to collaborate. Instead of passing e-mails around, we wanted that conversation and collaboration all in one place.”

And, another secret to A.C.T. Lighting’s success with TeamSupport is the responsiveness and support they receive as TeamSupport customers. “TeamSupport’s personal approach is a huge selling point,” adds Murphy. “They listen and try to understand our needs. That says a lot.”


TeamSupport’s personal approach is a huge selling point. They listen and try to understand our needs. That says a lot.

Will Murphy
Director of Software Support
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