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Cross-Team Collaboration

Improving Ticket Visibility And Saving Time With TeamSupport


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Heartland ECSI partners with over 2,200 colleges and universities to provide solutions such as student loan servicing, payment processing, refund disbursement, tuition payment plans, tax document services, delinquent account recovery, tax document services and many other outsourced services.

Heartland ECSI had experienced remarkable growth over the past 10 years and their help desk software no longer provided the right level of support for its increasingly sophisticated operations - including managing one call center for student loan borrowers, a client support team for school administrators, a technical support desk, and other departments across the organization.


The TeamSupport Advantage

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After evaluating 15 different software systems including Zoho, Parature, and Zendesk, Heartland ECSI selected TeamSupport as their new help desk solution.

“The biggest hurdle that we had to get over was the fact that our support tickets need to be monitored by our support team and they can follow multiple paths simultaneously,“ stated Ryan Bruner, Heartland ECSI’s Director of Client Support.  “We found that other software systems require you to assign it to a single person. By comparison, TeamSupport gives you visibility into a ticket during its complete lifespan, so you can monitor and collaborate on tickets even if they’re aren’t necessarily assigned to a single person.”

The Solution

Since implementing TeamSupport, Heartland ECSI has achieved several important goals:

  • Expanding communications with clients while simultaneously saving staff time. Customers now can take advantage of the online customer portal and knowledge base to get answers faster. And, since implementing TeamSupport, the employee who previously managed and assigned inbound tickets has been reassigned to perform supervisory level tasks which allows for higher-level management without diminishing productivity or adding more staff.
  • Clients and support agents have the ticket visibility that did not exist previously.
    “I tell clients, it’s like when you order from Amazon – you know when your order was placed, when it goes to the warehouse, when it gets placed in the box and when it will arrive at your house,” explains Bruner. “We use TeamSupport in the same way. Clients can see when a ticket is under review and know when it will be fixed. The system gives them visibility throughout the entire ticket resolution process.”
  • TeamSupport drives fast, responsive customer service. Now when a client calls in, the agent can find the original ticket immediately. And, it helps the sales team when they are visiting clients. Before meeting with a client, the client support team can run a report to see the client’s open tickets and provide the sales team with valuable information prior to meeting with the client.
  • TeamSupport is easy to use and implement. With a variety of skill sets within the organization, Heartland ECSI needed a system that would be easy to use. Adds Bruner: “We rolled every single open ticket into TeamSupport on a Monday and never looked back to our old system.”


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