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Jackrabbit Technologies has been the leader in providing online class management software for several business sectors in the children’s activity center industry since 2004. Owners of more than 6,000 gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, swim, music, and martial arts schools, and childcare centers trust Jackrabbit to help their operations run smoothly and efficiently, improve and expand their student base and revenues, and take complete control of their businesses so they can focus on what they love—teaching.

Operating in all 50 states and 28 countries, Jackrabbit Technologies is the industry’s most responsive, reliable, and robust class management software for youth activity schools and childcare businesses. And it is proven by the many awards and recognitions the company has received.

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The Business Challenge


Jackrabbit has a 100% remote workforce located across several states and Canada. This has been the case even as the company grew from 300 clients to now more than 6,000. The support team works in shifts, and prior to implementing team support, ticket management and internal communications among support agents happened through e-mail. This posed several challenges, including the lack of visibility into the ticket history from one agent or one shift to another. Consequently, if one agent started a ticket, and another was required to pick it up, there was little to no information.

Priding itself in providing the best customer support in the industry, Jackrabbit Technologies promises initial response to a ticket within one hour. The company also promotes very strong core values, and it wanted a customer support solution provider that had similar values.

When Client Services Director Jorine Jones started investigating customer support software solution providers, TeamSupport was the only system that offered the ability to include images and video. This proved to be a game-changer for streamlining communications between agents. “Being able to include images and video to our tickets was imperative to our solution and in communicating with our customers,” said Jorine. “Without it we would not have transitioned to a ticketing system at all.”

Over time, Team Support’s chat feature became a more immediate connection with Jackrabbit’s clients as the company only offers outbound phone support where clients can schedule calls with support representatives. With no inbound phone support, the TeamSupport chat feature enables other ways for clients to communicate with support in real time as an alternative to submitting a ticket. Chat tickets now comprise the majority of Jackrabbit’s tickets.

Looking forward, Jackrabbit Technologies is developing a support program for the childcare market that is different than the solution offered to youth activity schools. The company needed a solution that would be customizable and scalable as it continues to grow its client base and new product offerings.

"TeamSupport has completely changed the way our team works! We're able to quickly locate tickets, knowledge base details, and more." Ann Binns, Product Team

The Solution

Since implementing TeamSupport, Jackrabbit has experienced these benefits and more:

  • Full visibility from any support agent into the customer and contact history of tickets, including inline images and video to help explain the issue.

  • Streamlined communications among support team agents and between agents and customers.

  • More efficient and transparent support team management, which accommodates the company model of a 100% virtual staff.

  • Insight into ticket volume, response times, and shift volume allows for analysis of trends and a more equitable allocation of work.

  • Ticket tagging tool exposes opportunities for improvement in product and customer success.

  • Enhanced communications between product development, customer support, and sales teams enables a holistic approach to customer relationships.

Words Of Advice From JackRabbit Technologies

“Fully understand the customization capabilities and the flexibility in integrations from the solution providers you are considering. Prior to having a ticketing system, you don’t know what you don’t know. You’ll need to approach the implementation of your new solution as an improvement; but don’t stay static, be flexible. And adopt a solution that will allow for that.

 “Consider assigning project leads with both technical acumen and vision. You will have to modify workflows to fit the solution and customize the solution to fit your workflows. Approach the project from both ways.

 “Look at the solution provider’s size; you want them to be able to relate to you and your business. And talk to their customers.

 “Do not add roadblocks to your clients. Make it easy for them to communicate with your support team. When you are testing solutions, approach it from your customer’s experience; for example, e-mail-to-ticket communications, pop-ups, visibility into status of ticket, and how the chat feature works.”

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