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Enhancing The Customer Experience
With Live Chat Software

How Jackrabbit Technologies Used Messaging & Live Chat To Reduce
Response Times And Achieve 97% Average CSAT


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In this day and age, relying solely on email for managing support requests can be a tiresome affair for businesses and customers alike. The sea of messages can make it difficult for agents to prioritize urgent requests from routine ones - leading to frustration from both sides when customers expect prompt response times. Jackrabbit Technologies knew from the get-go that this suboptimal experience wasn't a sustainable solution - so they decided to do something about it.

After the success they had with TeamSupport's ticket management software (Support), Jackrabbit Technologies also implemented their Messaging & Live Chat product to reduce email volumes, decrease response times, increase customer satisfaction, and personalize their customers' experience. The results they experienced are some of the best TeamSupport has ever witnessed. 

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The Challenge Of Reliance On Emails For Support Management

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Since their relationship with TeamSupport began in 2011, Jackrabbit Technologies, an online class management software for business sectors in children’s activity centers, had been relying entirely on emails for their customer support efforts. Even with the addition of Support, TeamSupport’s ticketing management software, all of Jackrabbit Technologies’ customer inquiries came in through masses of emails. 

With 12 different specialized groups using Support, ranging from billing to research departments, the sheer volume of emails coming in had quickly driven Jackrabbit Technologies to seek out another solution. “The reliance on emails wasn’t beneficial for us or our customers because we couldn’t provide immediate responses,” explained Jorine Jones, Director of Client Success, “So we were actually pursuing adding an inbound support phone line - to try to alleviate some of the volume.” 

Eager to enhance their customer’s experience and satisfaction by responding to inquiries faster, the team at Jackrabbit Technologies came to TeamSupport with their frustrations. “They demoed their new chat platform, Messaging & Live Chat, for us and just completely blew us away. We knew that adding live chat could provide that instant response customers were looking for. We still have an outbound phone line to connect with customers as needed, but chat is our largest point of contact” stated Jorine. 

And implementing live chat software had almost instantaneous results.

The Power Of Live Chat

Laken Ford, the Support Team Manager at Jackrabbit explains that Messaging & Live Chat keeps her and her team’s day moving - effectively. 

“The live chat software has saved my team and I a lot of time. The customization of Javascript variables for agents to gather the information they need empowers them to quickly respond to inquiries and be up to speed on important customer data,” Laken explained. 

Because Jackrabbit Technologies works with many activity centers that offer a variety of classes across locations, many customers have multiple email addresses, and a single email address may not provide the support team with all the information they need on a customer. To provide a better customer experience and faster resolution times, Laken’s team utilizes Javascript variables in the back-end of the application to pull the data they need, such as the user ID, their country code, and which e-payment processor they’re using. This allows them to clearly identify who they’re speaking with and efficiently respond, with accuracy. 

Additionally, Jackrabbit heavily relies on the ability to send screencasts, images, and help articles to customers within the chat. Contributing to quicker resolution times, the effort has been hugely beneficial in assisting their customers as much as it helps to educate them. The visual assistance provides an unmatched level of clarity that details exactly what the customer needs to do.

Customers appreciate the quicker response and resolution times and Jackrabbit Technologies maintains stellar customer satisfaction ratings. With every chat they engage in, the team prompts customers to provide feedback through in-app surveys. Not only do they receive heavy engagement on these surveys, but their current CSAT score remains at a steady 97%. 

The high customer satisfaction can be attributed to Jackrabbit Technologies’ quick response times, ability to provide visual assistance within the chat, and the way their agents personalize each conversation they have. “We offer our agents canned responses to common questions and inquiries on the chat to make them more efficient, however, we don’t completely tell them what to say. We leave room for customization so that every conversation is catered to the customer we’re speaking with at the moment,” stated Laken. “It also establishes authentic relationships between the customer support representatives and our customers. They’re able to connect on a deeper level because the canned responses only help guide the conversation, but the agent’s personality always shines through.”

Happy Agents And Even Happier Customers

With some of the highest CSAT scores TeamSupport has ever witnessed, Jackrabbit Technologies’ support and engagement efforts through Messaging & Live Chat is one for the books. “Chat as a tool has been immensely helpful in measuring and maintaining high customer satisfaction,” explained Jorine. 

Proving that the combination of customer support and live chat software can greatly improve response times, agent effectiveness, and provide superior, personalized customer experiences - Jackrabbit Technologies story showcases the success that comes with prioritizing customer satisfaction. With a persistent 97% CSAT score, Jackrabbit Technologies is a leader in creating happy and healthy lifelong customers.

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