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MachMotion, a family-owned industrial automation company founded in 2008, helps manufacturers bridge the workforce gap by simplifying CNC (computer numerical control) to keep American manufacturing thriving.

The company is filled with people genuinely excited about working with customers to reduce the training and experience necessary to run their CNC machine tools. It specializes in developing controls and retrofitting solutions for manufacturing machines; saving older machines that may no longer have support and upgrading software on machines to give them new life.

MachMotion supports more than 1,500 companies globally—like Ford, DuPont, and NASA—with multiple products. And they do it all from one location in Central Missouri with a lean support staff.

In 2018 Aaron Greathouse, the company’s customer service manager, led a reevaluation of all the company’s software, including the TeamSupport B2B customer support software solution that had already been in place for several years. After an intensive process, they determined that TeamSupport was still the best solution and allowed them to keep the company’s promises to deliver speed, simplicity, and support.

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The Business Challenge

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MachMotion strives for excellent customer support. It is reflected in its core value, “Go the Extra Mile,” striving to always exceed expectations and with a dedication to serve. It’s working! The company is well-known for its amazing B2B customer support. The company is also proud to offer support and diagnostic services at no additional charge and without all of the fees common to the industrial automation and CNC industries.

"MachMotion's support is second to none and we are always able to talk to someone on the phone when we need them,” says MachMotion customer, Leith Whitley, owner of T&S Machines & Tools.

TeamSupport provides the tools to allow MachMotion to deliver the customer experience it promises and get its customers up and running quickly and efficiently. A specific example is with response times and time to resolution by offering initial responses to tickets within four hours.

"During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, MachMotion was considered an essential business and we kept operating. Our support team worked remote but was still able to seamlessly service our customers and help them continue to manufacture products that were important to people during this time in our nation’s history." Aaron Greathouse, Customer Service Manager

The Solution

Since implementing TeamSupport, MachMotion has experienced these benefits and more:

  • Communications translate seamlessly between the service, development, and customer support departments.
  • Technicians are empowered to uncover sales opportunities when working with customers, helping turn support from a cost center to a profit center.
  • Key metrics are easy to analyze, such as number of tickets collected, percentage of tickets closed, and tracking how many times a particular customer has returned a part or parts.
  • The lean support staff is made more efficient with the ability to address issues immediately, complete documentation, and have easy access to historical data.
  • Onboarding of new employees, many of who may not be familiar with the CNC industry, is faster and more comprehensive with the robust Knowledge Base. “TeamSupport is so seamless. There’s nothing heavy, nothing unnecessary, nothing complicated,” says Greathouse. “I can get a new agent onboarded within a week.”

Words Of Advice From MachMotion

“When you are investigating customer support software providers, make sure they offer the tools that enable you to achieve the standards you uphold for your B2B customers. For example, TeamSupport’s customer support for us is similar to the support we offer to our B2B customers.

“Ask for specific demonstrations of the solution’s customization capabilities. You want the ability to make the solution your own, specific to the support and services you provide to your customers and what you want to measure.

“Make sure the system you are considering is dynamic, flexible, and will scale as your business grows.”

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