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Customer Service: There's No
Single Way To Do It

How A Media Advertising Company Used TeamSupport
To Create Unity In Different Support Efforts


Media Advertising Team

A well-known and established media advertising company uses ticket management software for more than just customer support efforts. 

By using the Support platform across various departments, the organization created unified customer experiences - regardless of the area the customer engages with.

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The Past

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There are many keys to success in business: consistency, prioritizing customers, hiring the most-fit employees, and more. Yet, often overlooked, is perhaps the most simple thing to do in order to ensure your business thrives - be organized. 

For many companies, Outlook email and similar programs serve as the only operative tools for managing customer support efforts. This leads to unchecked customer experiences where the ability to effectively service them is hindered. 

True for a successful media advertising company whose various departments relied solely on emails and spreadsheets for tracking customer service needs, the need for more systematic, organized support efforts quickly became apparent when:

  • Customer communications were disorderly and cluttered
  • There was no way to distinguish between customer types
  • Performance, success, and trending issues couldn't be measured

Additionally, with four distinct but cooperative departments operating under the same division, the company recognized a vital need for implementing support standards. These standards would create unity between the branches and ensure they’re working towards the same, shared goals.

Thus, they searched for a customer support software system that would bring alignment and clarity to their efforts through service level agreement (SLA) capabilities, simple yet effective tracking and reporting abilities, and an innately collaborative nature that makes communication with each other and customers simple.

The Present

Once the company engaged with TeamSupport, the B2B customer support platform, the search quickly concluded due to the company’s accommodating nature.

“TeamSupport was really flexible and built a custom solution for us that allows multiple departments to operate in a single system,”  the Director of Finance Operations stated when discussing some of the initial reasons they decided to partner with TeamSupport. 

The company’s unique situation lies in the fact that the 4 different branches use the same platform, but in truly unique ways. For example, one department uses TeamSupport’s Support software to organize the content details of each ad that comes in. In this case, tickets are not issues or problems that need to be resolved, they’re simply highlighting which company the ad belongs to, when and where they want it to run, etc. 

Additionally, the company uses TeamSupport to organize activities across their 4 branches, equating to more than 200 users. “We have visibility into our efforts now,” stated the Director of Customer Success, “we don’t have to reach out to a number of people anymore to know the status of things. It’s all right there in the system and is easy to understand.” Despite the vast number of users with varying needs in the system, the company is operating under a smoother, more streamlined, and coordinated system. 

With Support, they:

  • No longer rely on emails: Instead they use the Customer Hub to connect and communicate with customers
  • Decreased manual efforts by 40%: They now use an auto-routing feature that sends ticket types to the appropriate group instantly
  • Centralized a knowledge base: The company uses the Wiki for documenting workflows
  • Communicate seamlessly: Their use of the Watercooler feature (in-app chat) enables them to quickly collaborate

The team has also embraced unified support standards across departments with the use of custom SLAs. "The SLA functionality has not only allowed for accountability, but it also ensures we stick to our agreements," the Director of Customer Success said when discussing how impactful the feature is. To further guarantee they're meeting their standards, the company uses the SLA tool for an overview of resolution times, agent response tines, error rates, and more. 


The Future

The company’s Support use-case has continued to grow. Four separate departments now use TeamSupport, leveraging a plethora of integrations. The various metrics and reporting tools have allowed them to not only organize their efforts, but empowered them to understand their customers more effectively.

“We make connections now; around revenue and customer journeys. Support has allowed us to tell our customers’ stories more,” the Director of Customer Success stated. 

Just as the use-case grows, so does the partnership between the company and TeamSupport. Due to their customer-centric nature, TeamSupport is eager and excited to improve and perfect their platform based on the needs of the company - no matter how unique and variable their necessities are. Proving that there is no single, correct way to provide customer support, the company demonstrates the true power that lies in caring for your customers in the ways and manners that are most convenient for them.

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