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Checking in on Outstanding Customer Support

From independently owned resorts to large franchises like Best Western and Wyndham, it’s likely that the last hotel you stayed at was served by Phoenix-based Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), whose cloud-based hotel technology solutions are used by more than 5,800 properties throughout North America for integrated reservation, payment and guest services.

“The software we use to manage our 80-person customer support team, our customers, and their needs is easily one of the more critical pieces of our entire organization,” says Scott Little, MSI’s VP of Customer Service.

Yet as MSI has grown, their legacy customer support system could no longer keep up.

“Our previous system had only a single point of support and did not allow for interaction with customers,” explains Little. “On top of that, we inherited a second support system when we integrated with another office, and the two systems didn’t interact well.”

The Business Challenge

MSI identified a new customer support software suite that would provide expanded capabilities—but on the eve of implementation, it was evident that it just wasn’t the right solution because it was built around individual tickets rather than customers. The software was scrapped and, after another round of quick research under an extremely tight deadline, MSI discovered TeamSupport. Within 15 minutes, they were up and running with a trial subscription; two weeks later, they were fully operational.


About MSI

TeamSupport User Since 2013


Hotel and resort software technology solutions for reservations, finance, marketing, and guest services.


Phoenix, AZ


5,800 hotel properties in North America


  • Nearly 100 support agents & technicians connected

  • Call volume drastically reduced thanks to self-service

  • Customers can monitor and track their issues in real time

In our environment, everything starts with the customer. For us, we can’t create a ticket without applying it to a customer. That was one aspect that was very appealing about TeamSupport, compared to most every other software that is built around tickets rather than customers.

Scott Little
VP of Customer Service

In particular, MSI needed the ability to connect contacts to tickets, and multiple properties to a ticket. Explains Little: “If there’s a phone outage that affects a customer’s group of properties, we want to associate all of the issues to that single ticket instead of assigning hundreds of tickets.”

The TeamSupport Solution

Today, nearly 100 customer support agents and technicians work seamlessly within TeamSupport to deliver collaborative and exceptional service. As a result:

  • More customers are using TeamSupport’s Chat features, which is helping drive down call volume and freeing support agents for more complicated issues.
  • Customers are getting their issues resolved faster. MSI has their TeamSupport Customer Portal integrated right into their website so that customers can help themselves using the knowledgebase, and spend less time waiting on the phone for help. As one customer recently said: “This feature is awesome, especially when there is an issue but not an emergency.”
  • Customers can follow their tickets in real time, monitoring how their issue is being resolved, by whom, and when. And customers can directly update their ticket as circumstances change on their end.
  • Customers can monitor and track their own issues through new automation features. A customized API within the TeamSupport system gives customers access to reporting and greater visibility into the issues unique to the users within their company.

“Having the ability to give your customers more access to their information, and fuller visibility into their issues, really opens up the lines of communication, allowing you to build stronger relationships with them as you serve their needs,” says Little.

Perhaps best of all, MSI has confidence that they won’t outgrow TeamSupport in the same way they outgrew their original solution. 


The staff at TeamSupport have been extremely responsive to any question we’ve had, and they’re very engaged. We’ve seen a lot of enhancements to the software that we’ve asked for. It’s very telling that the team listens to customers like us and is committed to growing with us.

Scott Little
VP of Customer Service
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