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Paying Better Attention To B2B Customers

Decreasing Response Times, Improving Collaboration, And
Keeping The Knowledge Base Fresh With TeamSupport



Since 1997, the professionals at OmniFund have been providing simple solutions to complex payment problems for thousands of businesses across the nation, from large Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Leading the field in data protection and data security, OmniFund clients trust that their sensitive financial data is secure, and merchants have protection from liability and fraudulent charges.

It is particularly important for the company to efficiently manage and update its very robust knowledge base, keeping it relevant and fresh for its thousands of users. Its previous help desk software was not keeping up with these demands.

“When I found TeamSupport, its website gave a thorough account of the solution and clearly explained the functionality,” said Stacy Roderick, OmniFund CEO. “I could tell we would be able to accomplish all of our B2B customer support goals.”

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The Business Challenge

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OmniFund had been using a help desk software to manage its support operations, but not only was it better suited for a B2C (business-to-consumer) single ticket environment, it was a clunky, time-consuming process to manage OmniFund’s robust knowledge base.

It also didn’t scale gracefully as OmniFund grew, and when the software platform transitioned from on premise to hosted, much of the functionality important to OmniFund was lost.

CEO Stacy Roderick knew they had to make a switch and discovered that only a true B2B (business-to-business) customer support software would enable the types of communications the company wanted to offer its customers.

"It’s important to us at OmniFund that our customers feel heard and that we are proactive in setting expectations for time to resolving issues. The notifications from TeamSupport help us manage the support teams and track SLA warnings and response rates. It really helps us provide exceptional customer service." Jack Fisher, Customer Support Manager

The Solution

Since implementing TeamSupport, OmniFund B2B customer support teams have experienced several benefits:

  • It’s easy to manage and update OmniFund’s extensive knowledge base with TeamSupport’s knowledge base tools, keeping it fresh and relevant for its users.

  • Notifications help the administrator manage support teams and track SLA warnings and response rates. This allows OmniFund to maintain its high "minutes to first time response" standards—with the first response within 15 minutes of inquiry.

  • The Jira integration has been a game-changer in working with product developers, enhancing collaboration, and improving communications among departments.

  • TeamSupport provides a very deep solution that allows B2B customer support teams to establish clear communications, keep their knowledge base fresh, and have control over how different systems work together.

  • The visual support ability to add screen shots and media eliminates tedious back and forth e-mail communications and makes supporting OmniFund’s customers more efficient.

  • TeamSupport University webinars have proved invaluable in providing information about how to maximize all of the benefits of the platform. So useful, in fact, that OmniFund is producing its own university-style webinars to benefit its customers.

"Our customers have the ability to rate agent performance and give immediate feedback. If there is an issue, we can immediately work to turn that frown upside down! And it enables us to act proactively with frequent and detailed updates on resolving issues." Jack Fisher, Customer Support Manager

Words Of Advice From OmniFund

“Know your customer support response time so you know how to improve it. And look for a B2B customer support solution that has a quick response time with your own support team. That will say a lot about the solution provider you are considering.

“Make sure the provider you are considering serves as a true business partner and will be a champion for your business. TeamSupport works closely with us to come up with solutions to problems and provide solutions that we didn’t know we needed and now can’t live without! Particularly with the reporting dashboard.

“Your B2B customer support software provider should assign you a dedicated Success Manager to guide you through how to use the solution to the best of your ability. You want to feel like your voice is heard and your business is valued.”

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