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Building Strong Customer Relationships

Using Purpose-Built B2B Customer Service Software
To Optimize Support Efforts


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Panamplify is a software and technology company that improves the efficiency of marketing teams by automating their reporting process. Their report management system is an industry leader and replaces "the standard PDF experience" for its customers. 

CEO and Co-founder Michael Pratt used to run a marketing agency and noticed his Account Managers never had any time. When they weren't speaking with clients, their noses were buried in PowerPoint presentations.

He knew there had to be a better way, so he shut down his agency to focus on sharing the reporting technology he helped create with the rest of the world. 

The Challenge

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As the customer base of Panamplify continued to increase, their current method of working with customers to resolve their issues wasn't cutting it anymore. As a company that understands the value of strong B2B (business-to-business) customer relationships, Michael led the charge personally to find a support software solution that fit the company's unique challenges.

After evaluating many of the leading options on the market, he opted to try Freshdesk for six months. As one of the larger companies in the support software space, he was drawn to the "slick" appearance of Freshdesk, especially its self-service solution. 

However, as the months went by with Freshdesk, the visually appealing coat of paint only hid so much. Built primarily for B2C (business-to-consumer) companies, Michael noticed that Freshdesk "cut corners" on many B2B features, and the self-service solution that looked great initially turned out to be restrictive.

After a few months, Michael began his search for the right support software technology once again, this time with a focus on meeting his B2B needs.

The TeamSupport Difference

Coming from Freshdesk, Panamplify needed a solution that aligned with the way their B2B customers worked and didn't restrict their support efforts.

When Michael found TeamSupport, he was sold on what was "under the hood" of the solution. The ability to customize everything they couldn't in Freshdesk, especially in many areas of self-service, was a major selling point. He leveraged TeamSupport to create a unique self-service experience to match the needs of his B2B customers,

Another major selling point was being able to configure TeamSupport at both the contact and customer level. Freshdesk, with their B2C roots, only offered these configurations at the contact level. What sounds like a small customer management difference on paper resulted in a major improvement in the way Panamplify communicated with and monitored customers.

Switching to TeamSupport also introduced Panamplify to support technology they didn't have an immediate need for but now utilize because it's included in the software. For example, they didn't have a Knowledge Base with Freshdesk, but created one in TeamSupport because of how easy it is for them to take tickets and turn them into Knowledge Base articles.

The Panamplify and TeamSupport story is a great testament of why it matters to keep the focus on B2B customer support needs while evaluating software solutions. Working within a software framework built for B2C as a B2B company is doable. However, it doesn't enable companies to provide anywhere close to the same level of customer experience as a solution that was built for the B2B industry from day one. The B2B focus of TeamSupport has been a game changer for Panamplify and the relationships they are creating with their customers.

"TeamSupport is the best choice if there are customer support relationships that require you to configure the behavior of your system to best match your customers." Michael Pratt, CEO/Co-Founder

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