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From Tiered Support To A Unified Foundation

How Sharp-aX Computer Systems Limited used TeamSupport
to transform their customer support service



Most company support teams
manage their customers in the
conventional way: issues, incidents,
and tickets day in and day out, with
support representatives clicking
through a mountain of records with
the same goal in mind - to resolve
as many as possible.

This reactive approach to assisting
customers is a norm for many
companies and is good for issue
mitigation but does not reflect a
wholesome support system that
truly reveals the customers’ needs.

Enter TeamSupport, whose
customer-centric software has
enabled companies like Sharp-aX
to implement a personal and
collaborative customer support

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The Transformation

case study

Imagine this scenario. You're a B2B software company whose ticket management system is:

  • Almost impossible to navigate through due to unrelated tickets
  • Time-consuming when training new employees
  • Disconnected from other customer data software leading to fragmented views of their customer experience

Sound familiar? It did for Sharp-aX, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computer systems and business development company whose previous customer support software left them frustrated and stonewalled. 

"We reached our end of life with it," stated Paul Page, Technical Systems Consultant for Sharp-aX, "it wasn't easy to use, it wasn't easy to search through, it just wasn't easy." 

The Solution

Sharp-aX implemented TeamSupport’s ticketing system in hopes of adopting an easy-to-use and organized system for managing tickets.

“This allowed Sharp-aX to build software that catered to our specific requirements and more importantly, those of our customers. Historic information was instantly found and updating data was easy” said Chris Hearn, Head of Customer Support for Sharp-aX, when discussing why they chose TeamSupport's platform.

Additionally, Sharp-aX was more effectively resolving customer issues and transforming the way they serviced their customers. 

“We ditched the tiered support concept. We stopped looking at isolated incidents in the form of tickets, and began examining the way we supported our customers,” explained Paul.

Sharp-aX recognized how tiered support affected their customers. Customers were passed from agent to agent, department to department, and endlessly forced to repeat themselves - a cycle that frustrated both parties.

Because of tools featured in TeamSupport, including:

  • Automated ticket flows and task management
  • An internal resolution community
  • Extensive customer metrics

Sharp-aX gained:

  • Comprehensive visibility into their customers’ needs
  • A large decrease in weekly outstanding calls
  • An opportunity to revamp their own processes and procedures

“The ease of access to information transformed our workflow,” continued Jean Freeman, Managing Director of Sharp-aX, “we now identify problem issues and respond to them proactively rather than reactively."

The Results

When Sharp-aX stepped away from disconnected, layered support and became one united and collaborative team, their unnecessary pain-points for customers were expelled. Gone were the days when customers repeated themselves and agents merely logged tickets.

Sharp-aX propelled into a business that is more successful at nurturing relationships with their customers than ever before. Their customers receive weekly, categorized call reports so they remain constantly informed of the status of their needs and enjoy fast, knowledgeable input. 

sharp-aX stats

"Now we have happy and relaxed customers who are confident in our ability to supply solutions," Paul stated when discussing the overall impact TeamSupport had on the company. 

Clearly, Sharp-aX is reaping the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric culture. By transitioning from incident tracking to focusing on the customers behind tickets, their business has transformed into one that is unified and powerful in every aspect.

Queries are quickly answered, concerns are pre-emptively addressed, and suggestions are valued and implemented.

There is consistent, open communication and empathy shared between Sharp-aX and their customers, and this new relationship has set a strong foundation for growth in the years to come.



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