What Our Clients Say

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Angela Keeton

VP Client Services

We discovered early on that TeamSupport is so customizable, we could make it do anything we want. We have found new ways to automate and have completely moved away from our old, disjointed systems. 

TeamSupport has 4.6 Stars on G2

Randy S.

Review From G2

I have used all the main competitor CRM platforms, and there’s no comparison. Hands down, TeamSupport is a far superior product. An analogy I like to use when I’m talking about TeamSupport is it’s like a top-of-the-line performance sports car. It’s well engineered, amazing performance, looks and handles beautifully, and provides you with everything you want (or need) and then some. Why drive an underpowered sedan with no creature comforts or options when you can have a top-of-the-line performance sports car for the same price? It’s a no-brainer. TeamSupport was developed and engineered by people who have clearly worked in the industry and truly understand the needs of B2B customer support.