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B2B Customer Service Software

B2B customer service requires sophisticated tools that ensure timely assistance is provided to your clients in a professional manner. Any mistakes can mean severed relationships, which means to retain and grow customers, you need the best B2B software for customer support!


TeamSupport helps your service team engage with customers and generate meaningful relationships. Our B2B customer support software solution was created with one goal – transforming your clients into the biggest advocates of your brand. We do this with customer service software that integrates with your existing B2B systems and will grow with your organization’s expanding needs.

Easy (Yet Powerful) Interface

TeamSupport’s simple online help desk software is intuitive, visually pleasing, and - of course - easy to use. All functions are presented logically and grouped so that using the system is fast and efficient for everyone. Your customer support will be up and running in no time at all!

Web-based solution

TeamSupport is an SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means it's easy to access from any computer (or tablet, or phone) with internet access.  No costly hardware or software to install, no more constant updates, and you always have the latest version!

Low Startup Cost and Low Cost of Ownership

TeamSupport's subscription help desk pricing is straightforward and simple, the way it should be.  Whether you need 1 seat or 1,000, our SaaS-based model scales with you.  And you can add or remove subscriptions any time!

Unlimited Customers and Contacts

We don't charge based on the amount of data you use, or change the pricing based on how many accounts are in the system - our pricing is flat, no matter how many customers you support.

Onboarding/Training Support

We know how important it is to get a good start, so we have an awesome onboarding team that will guide you right from the start and answer any questions you may have.

Data Migration

Already have your information in another system?  No problem, we hate duplication as much as you do, so we'll help you migrate your existing customers and tickets into TeamSupport so you can hit the ground running.

TeamSupport is a great product to grow into. We started with nothing and we were able to hit the ground running with TeamSupport. It was simple and easy to use. As time went on our needs became more complex and TeamSupport was able to help us with everything we needed.

Mark Worth
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