The Customer Pipeline

A methodology to truly know, support & grow with your customers 


A Customer Pipeline is a natural extension of the customer-centric ideology. Much like a sales pipeline, it’s a practice that provides a comprehensive comprehensive, end-to-end view of your customer’s entire experience

Companies strive to be customer-centric, but they're often held back due to pre-conditioned beliefs that growth mostly comes from new client acquisition.

Thus, they invest incredible amounts of time, energy, and resources pursuing new clients and net-new revenue.

Sales pipelines increasingly became a business imperative, evolving into the primary focus for increasing revenue. They offer an organized, visual way of tracking multiple potential buyers through different stages in the purchasing process.

Introducing the Customer Pipeline 

That's why TeamSupport recently developed a new methodology, a Customer Pipeline, a tool that enables you to truly adopt customer-centered practices and build a solid foundation for growth. 

A Customer Pipeline helps businesses put the same effort and care into current customer bases as you do for sales pipelines, so your organization can successfully adopt a more strategic and prominent cycle for revenue growth.

Check out the Customer Pipeline Webinar
  • Build a customer pipeline methodology and increase retention and loyalty
  • Improve customer experience by adopting customer-first practices 
  • Drive revenue growth via upsell and cross-sell opportunities