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Upcoming TeamSupport Events

TeamSupport keeps you updated with industry trends, the latest tools and tech and all things B2B Customer Support. Scroll down to see our webinars, podcasts, or featured conferences.


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Customer Service - How to Succeed in a Post COVID Era

Join us to discuss the latest topics affecting customer service

The Future of AI-How Will AI Change Support?

Spoiler alert: For the better! 
Diverse group of coworkers looking at digital elements on laptop

Customer Support Game Plans-Game On!

Top tips from tech titans in this podcast.
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Maximize Retention, Upsell, & Cross-sell with a Customer Pipeline

TeamSupport has developed a new methodology that makes it easier than ever for customer support and success teams to revitalize their customer relationships. 

February 2, 2022
11:00am CT  



Increase Revenue and Reduce Churn with TeamSuccess.

To achieve a customer-centric Success model, you need a customer-focused tool. That’s why we built TeamSuccess.


Nov. 10 2021 Webinar

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Know Your Customers: How To Measure Customer Experience

Learn to use technology to get to know your customers better.


Sept. 29 2021 Webinar

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Join us for our B2B Support Software Demo - You Don't Want to Miss This

Sneak peeks at features that make TeamSupport a top tier choice for B2B.

Feb. 17, 2022 11am CST

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CEO Pete Khanna Discusses Customer Relationships with Caliber Public Safety

Client perspective on features that enable a 360o  view of the customer relationship.

December 2020 Webinar

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CEO Pete Khanna Talks TeamSuccess and Increasing ARR

TeamSuccess can help reduce churn and increase ARR in your business.

April 2021 Webinar

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TSIA and TeamSupport Introduce Groundbreaking Customer Success Software

Customers For Life: Drive Recurring Revenue for Your Customers and Your Company.
May 13, 2021 Webinar

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September 27-29, 2021

Harris Govern User Conference - Save the Date and Dont Miss Out!

December 6-8, 2021
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Download the 2021 Forrester Report - Define Your CRM Plan
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