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Help desk reporting with in-depth analytics

Are you a power user? Need even more robust reporting going beyond the core TeamSupport experience? The dynamic features available in Insights may be the next evolution of reporting that you need. The perfect complement to the power of TeamSupport.

TS-Insights V2
TS-Insights V2

Our B2B-focused analytics and metrics software encourages your teams to work smarter -not harder, by providing deep insights into customer relationships and personal performance.

Experience a truly comprehensive view of your customers with Insights - TeamSupport’s advanced analysis resource.

help desk reporting metrics

Better help desk reporting and analytics for better decision making

help desk reporting metrics

Customer service teams and managers benefit from TeamSupport’s best-in-class, built-in help desk analytics reporting system featuring powerful new business intelligence capabilities at your team’s fingertips.

TeamSupport has helped us track our customers’ issues, organize our support techs, and build reports/dashboards for easy data population.

Nicole Benz
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Customizable help desk dashboard

Customer support analytics dashboards are user-specific. They can (and should) be customized based on personal preference, and no other user can change them for you, or be affected by your changes.

Add any help desk report, move items to appear in the order you prefer with simple drag and drop functionality, and hide/unhide series from the display with a simple click. You can also access listed tickets simply by clicking on the ticket link.


Explore Custom Options
customer support analytics

Hundreds of ready-to-use help desk reports

customer support analytics

With the powerful intelligence available through Insights, you’ll be able to optimize your B2B customer support teams in valuable new ways. Automatically generate visualizations and insights based on AI, simplify complex data and transform it into effective action plans.

The help desk metrics dashboard allows custom views so each user can showcase the information they need. Report features include filtering, report cloning, enhanced sorting, and individual viewer functions.


helpdesk reporting

AI-powered custom reports

helpdesk reporting

TeamSupport offers advanced reporting capabilities with wizard-based creation, so that you can view your data in any way that provides you with deep insights.

You can also create custom help desk reports and ticket views to easily access information, analyze data, and use it to fuel and enhance your customer experiences. There are several report types including summary, tabular, chart, or graph, and organize your reports by creating custom folders.