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Manage Tickets Easily with our Help Desk Task Management System

Help Desk Task Management

*Enterprise Edition


TeamSupport understands that business to business customer support can get complicated, and it often requires assistance from various people. 

We make it easy to manage complex issues with our built-in task management functionality. Our enterprise edition help desk software includes Enterprise Task Management to help you manage tickets that require multiple steps or actions. Help desk tasks can be assigned to any team member and the ticket owner still has full visibility.

TeamSupport's help desk task management system includes the following functionality:

  • Create, edit, and assign tasks to any team member
  • Associate tasks to tickets, contacts, customers, or users
  • Receive update notifications and reminders
  • Create subtasks for basic help desk project management


Passing around issues around our organization is extremely easy, it's very rare for us to have to hunt down people inside of our team for information hidden away in individuals emails.
Derek Visch
Level Data Inc.
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