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HubSpot CRM for TeamSupport Customer Support Software

TeamSupport's native HubSpot CRM integration eliminates the need for duplicate entry and lets businesses focus on managing customer relationships more efficiently. The integration of data between customer support, and marketing and sales means better visibility across departments for a better total customer experience.
Key data such as company and contact information is automatically synced with TeamSupport and kept current so that customer support reps have access to the most up-to-date customer info available. Cases created in TeamSupport are also automatically synced to HubSpot so sales teams are aware of any potential issues the customer may be experiencing.


TeamSupport just makes it easy and efficient to get things done.

Brandon Thomas
CapSure, Inc.

Bi-directional Integration Provides Clarity


Connecting TeamSupport customer support software with HubSpot CRM allows companies to be more aware of open customer support issues and better manage customer relationships. 

“HubSpot is growing rapidly because it’s a great platform for handling inbound marketing and sales activities,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “This integration adds depth to both the HubSpot and TeamSupport platforms, allowing support agents to have access to current company and contact data and giving marketing and sales teams a broader context to handle relationships more effectively. ”