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Increase Revenue and Reduce Churn with TeamSuccess.

November 10th, 2021
11:00 -11:45 AM CST

As much as 77% of your company’s revenue comes from your current customers, but most organizations focus primarily on earning new business. Support and Success are usually left with a miniscule 11% of a budget, leaving the largest source of revenue and growth, current customers, essentially ignored. Businesses need to be truly customer-centric, adopt a revenue-driving Customer Success program, and adopt the Customer Pipeline mentality.

To achieve a customer-centric Success model, you need a customer-focused tool. That’s why we built TeamSuccess.

TeamSuccess is a revenue-focused customer success tool specially built to provide visibility into customer accounts, streamline their management, and drive constant improvement across your entire organization.

See TeamSuccess in action in a live presentation on November 10th at 11AM CST with TeamSupport’s Director of Product Barry Tallis, VP of Marketing Stewart Maurer, and Chief Customer Officer Eric Harrington discussing:

  • Explore the most pressing issues facing Customer Success teams.
  • Demonstrate why adopting a “Customer Pipeline” mentality is critical for Success teams.
  • Introduce the all-new TeamSuccess Customer Success tool.
  • Dive into how to improve CSM productivity and performance.
  • Identify churn risk and performance opportunities inside your customer base.
  • Illustrate how to drive a culture of continuous improvement across your Customer Success team.
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Our Presenters


Stewart Maurer
VP of Marketing

Stew Maurer, VP of Marketing

Eric Harrington
Chief Customer Officer





Barry Tallis
Director of Product