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Track Customer Experience With TeamSupport’s Inventory Management Software Platform

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Integrate support with product and inventory data.

Our inventory management software enables businesses to combine digital and physical product and inventory information with support data, streamlining support and reducing duplicated effort.

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Our inventory management software enables businesses to combine digital and physical product and inventory information with support data, streamlining support and reducing duplicated effort.


Maintain a product database


Your customers expect you to know what products they have. TeamSupport’s integrated product database lets you track that. Our product inventory management software allows you to associate products with customers so you can see at a glance what they’re using.

The product section of our product inventory tracker is where you define all of your products and versions, consolidating the information you need to provide outstanding customer service. Remember to associate products and versions to tickets for easy product tracking and reporting.

Track inventory and assets

Teamsupport's product inventory management solution allows you to track physical inventory items (or “assets”) down to the serial number level. You can track assets which have been shipped to customers and mark inventory as assigned, unassigned (Warehouse), or expired (JunkYard). You can even assign the asset when it's shipped, or return it to the warehouse. You can also associate inventory to tickets for easier tracking.

By associating products and versions with tickets, when a customer calls your agents can quickly access detailed information on delivery status, return status, and more in order to provide a better support experience.

Track tickets by products and versions

Easily see what tickets are associated with each product, version, and customer. Tie tickets to products to identify which products are having issues, and associate feature requests and bug fixes appropriately.

Find tickets that were resolved as a result of a new version, and update what changes and fixes have been put in place to help better allocate product management resources.


Feed your customer portal and knowledge base


Products and inventory are not standalone features. Like all things in TeamSupport, we know it's about collaboration and teamwork. Tying rights management on the portal to products and versions means that customers only see knowledge base articles related to the products they actually have.

Using the inventory management software system, you can also upload version updates to your customer portal so customers can download them at their convenience.

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Entitlement management

You can track customer level support agreements with our product inventory management system. But did you know TeamSupport also lets you associate service expiration to individual products so that a user with multiple products can have support contracts open on one of them and not the others?

Entitlement management also lets you restrict access to the customer portal automatically based on service expiration dates. And if the product support agreement has expired, the customer can be prevented from downloading updates for that specific product on the customer support portal.

We also enable reporting on entitlement management so you can easily run reports and understand which customer service contracts are coming due.

Product lines (multi-brand)

With our inventory management software system, you can easily see which products and versions you're supporting, then zoom out and understand how they're performing at the brand level.

See which customers are using which products, manage user rights, and report by product lines.

Really clear and easy-to-use system to manage your RMA tickets.

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