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Microsoft Dynamics Integration for TeamSupport Customer Support Software


TeamSupport customer support software offers a comprehensive, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Dynamics applications to improve clarity and streamline workflows. Customer and contact information is synced effortlessly, along with ticket data. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration enables stronger communication between teams, increased efficiency, and happier customers.
Customers benefit from both the strong CRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics and the industry leading B2B (business-to-business) customer support offered by TeamSupport. Instead of creating duplicate entries in each system, agents or sales reps only have to enter the information once, and both support and sales can see the same data. No more data entry mistakes, no more duplicates, and no more "silos" between the two teams.


TeamSupport makes it easy to manage support tickets and receive updates for them.
Tyler Bayne
Level Data Inc.

How It Works



Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is straightforward and easy to set up. Key features include:

  • Accounts sync to customer records bi-directionally
  • Contacts sync seamlessly to contact records and customer records simultaneously.
  • Tickets and Cases sync seamlessly and bi-directionally.
  • New customers gain access to our newly designed Customer Hub.


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TeamSupport is a great tool in making my job easier and more efficient.
Josh White
Corporate Pharmacy Services, Inc.