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Provide better support to your business customers with the TeamSupport mobile help desk app for iOS and Android devices. With the power of the TeamSupport app you can view, assign, and edit tickets on the go, respond to customer requests, collaborate with your team to resolve issues faster, and keep up to date with internal discussions.


Our free help desk app for our customers is frequently receiving updates so download it today!


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Super useful and works well! TeamSupport has been a total game changer for me and the rest of our team, so now having an app we can access when away from our desk is an awesome option!

Ryan Blodgett

Manage Your Tickets and Customers Anywhere, Anytime


TeamSupport provides best-in-class ticketing capabilities for B2B customer support teams, so it should come as no surprise that ticket and customer management is the backbone of our app.

Every user can view open and closed tickets, as well as all tickets that everyone can see. By selecting a ticket, you can immediately view information about the issue.

In just seconds, users can edit ticket details including assigned, type, status, severity, and more from any location. Both public and private actions can be added to tickets in an instant. Customer and contact information can also be viewed in real-time.

Lastly, users can save time by searching for a ticket, customer, or contact directly within the app. Enter any number, word, or phrase and you'll get instant and relevant results.


Create, Learn, and Socialize on the Water Cooler


One of the key communication components of the mobile customer support app is its inclusion of the Water Cooler feature. Linked directly with the Water Cooler in your TeamSupport account, you'll the latest activity from your team. 

In addition to viewing the latest posts, standard Water Cooler functionality including being able to Like/Unlike posts and reply are also just a tap away. 

You can also create new Water Cooler posts directly from your mobile device by simply tapping the "plus" sign in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

Keeping in touch with your colleagues and helping customers solve their problems, whatever they may be, has never been easier!


The TeamSupport app also includes:

  • An ultra sleek, modern design focused on mobile customer support, functionality, speed, and reliability
  • Optional "Remember Me" login credentials so you don't have to reenter your email address 
  • Multi-account login capabilities, simply enter your email address to be prompted with the accounts associated for you to choose from
  • Limitless scrolling to simplify app navigation and speed up search results
  • Single tap logout for users managing multiple TeamSupport accounts or instances
  • Friendliness with different system configurations including alternative font sizes and color scheme variations

Download the TeamSupport app today and stay tuned for future updates and improvements!


Issue collaboration and tracking at its finest!

Will Murphy
A.C.T. Lighting
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