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Give your customers what they want with omnichannel customer support.

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TeamSupport lets you respond to customers how and when they prefer.

Whether your customers use phone, email, chat, or even Twitter or Facebook, our omnichannel customer support software gives you the tools to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Customer inquiries received via email-to-ticket, live chat, phone-to-ticket, the customer portal, Twitter, or Facebook are all handled in one place, creating a seamless omnichannel customer service experience.




TeamSupport offers a simple email integration to save your reps from having to work in multiple systems and help them get out of the inbox for good!

When a customer sends an email to your support address, it automatically creates a new ticket. The customer will get an auto reply confirming receipt, and your team will get an email letting them know a new ticket has been created, by who, and what it's about. This omnichannel help desk ticketing system increases efficiency, as agents no longer have to manually create tickets from emails.

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Live chat


Your customers can chat live with an agent any time they want through your customer hub.

Live chats and missed chats will automatically create tickets in TeamSupport, so if the customer switches channels to phone or email, your agents still have full visibility into the chat conversation and no information is lost!

Customer Hub

Our powerful customer portal lets you provide a one-stop shop for self-driven customer support. This fully customizable hub lets your customers take the wheel and find the answers they need in the way they prefer.

Customers can search knowledge base articles, ask for help on the forum, start a live chat with your support reps, or submit a ticket online. You can even embed the hub into your website for an even more seamless customer service experience.

When dealing with B2B customers, it's important that they’re able to see organization-wide tickets, and TeamSupport takes care of that (with permission-based access, of course).

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With TeamSupport, your agents can log phone conversations with clients, and our RingCentral phone-to-ticket integration lets you configure a “call pop” so the correct customer record is displayed when a call comes in.

You can also forward voicemails to your TeamSupport email and a new ticket will be created with the audio of the voicemail attached. This works with any system that can email a voicemail.

Learn more about our RingCentral phone-to-ticket integration

Social media

Integrate TeamSupport directly with Twitter and Facebook to provide 24/7 support via social media.

You can add a support section to your Facebook company page, or have Twitter automatically create a ticket any time a customer sends a direct message or mentions your company in a Tweet.

Mobile support

Use our mobile customer support apps to provide excellent customer service anywhere, anytime, no matter where your agents are located or what device they're using. It's never been easier to take care of customers 24/7.

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Since adding TeamSupport our inbound calls are down 25%. Most calls are just asking for an update that they can now get themselves.

Dave Dixon

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