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Comprehensive Customer Service Software To Increase Customer Retention 

Protect your most valuable asset - your customers, with our customer service software. Our easy-to-use customer care platform has everything you need to manage the entire post-sale customer experience in progressive ways.  

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customer support software

More than a ticketing tool - engage in proactive customer service

customer support software

Support® is the award-winning ticket management system that prioritizes customer relationships. Built specifically for the unique needs of B2B companies, Support empowers cross-team collaboration, offers consolidated customer interaction data, and provides deep insights into customer sentiment - enabling businesses to support their customers in more meaningful ways. Follow the link below for more information about what it can do for you.

TS-Messaging V2

Meet your customers where they are - for meaningful conversations through live chat software

TS-Messaging V2

Messaging & Live Chat gives businesses the ability to indulge in rich, website live chat with their audience - across channels. Our AI-powered chatbots help businesses increase efficiency and ensure customers get answers faster. Learn more about how it works by clicking the link.

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TS-Success V2

Ensure your customer relationships are successful - so you can maximize opportunities for growth

TS-Success V2

Our success software provides businesses with 360-degree views of customers for one, single source of truth on their health. Use this centralized data to reduce churn, nurture happier customers, and create more opportunities for renewal and expansion. The following link provides more detail about what it can do for you.

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TS-Insights V2

Transform complex customer data into powerful insights - to optimize your customer experience

TS-Insights V2

Gain the opportunity to simplify complex customer data with a completely customizable reporting dashboard. Empower teams to quickly and proactively diagnose problems, solve them, and secure insights into their own performance. For more information, check out the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do TeamSupport’s customer service software solutions help retain customers?

Ours is the best customer service software solution because it gives you deep insights into customer sentiment and keeps data about your interactions with them in a single place.

Can I customize TeamSupport for my company’s needs?

Absolutely — we’ve designed this customer service software to be highly customizable. For instance, you can " customize what is displayed alongside each ticket to give your agents the info they need to provide better support, as well as customize the chat functionality to fit your company’s specific protocols and procedures.

Do customizations affect the cost of the platform?

Many of the customization options found in our customer care software are included in the price of the platform. For example, with all Messaging & Live Chat pricing options, you are given the ability to customize the look and feel of the chat experience to match your style and branding.

Can TeamSupport help a company at our current size and scale as we grow and our needs change?

Yes — we offer a wide range of pricing options and capabilities that are aimed specifically at helping fast-growing companies. We also provide you with the ability to create the customer service platform that has the extensive capabilities you need for omnichannel engagement and more.

How can our organization get started with TeamSupport?

If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, we make it easy to get started. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to schedule a live demo for you.

TeamSupport has made a huge impact on our turn-around time for resolving issues for our clients. We are able to organize our tickets and assign out tasks, which is huge. Also there is a queue feature that allows you to separate your tickets further and work through them efficiently. I love TeamSupport, and could not imagine doing business without it.

Crystal Saunders
eRecording Partners

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