Reducing the Impacts of Recession by Adopting a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

As scary as it is to admit, a potential recession is looming, and as a result, tech firms are altering market outlook and business priorities. Every company is trying to defend itself against large declines in sales and revenue by cutting costs, revising forecasts, and even considering layoffs. But there’s an easier way to recession-proof your business without taking drastic measures: avoid its effects by finally adopting that “360-degree view of your customers” that has been preached for decades now.

Data doesn’t lie and studies show that 56% of customers believe businesses don’t understand their needs. This boils down to siloed customer data that prevents support and success teams from gaining holistic perspectives on their customers. Moreover, the systems that businesses are using to understand customer needs are failing them—despite the availability of software that paints the entire picture.

Watch this webinar to take a deep dive into the long-term profitability a 360-degree-view platform provides for your business. Learn the ins and outs of how these software solutions make the jobs of support and success agents easier. Consider this session a quick “recession for dummies” that will ensure your retention prospers if all else declines.

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