Omnichannel Support

Customers want to reach you on their terms. Allow them to meet you when and where it's convenient for them with our Support and Chat platforms. 

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If a customer sends you an email, Support will automatically create a ticket for you, guaranteeing your team doesn’t miss any inquiries. With simple email integrations to all your favorite apps, the auto-ticket creation process increases team efficiency and allows them to focus on their conversations more.


Live Chat

Not only does Messaging & Live Chat have the highest CSAT score of any channel, but you can also use it to easily identify trends for robust analytics. With TeamSupport, simple chat inquiries are quickly answered while more complex matters are turned into a ticket - ensuring timely and accurate responses to all customer needs.





Customer Hub

Self-service is an important part of the customer experience because it empowers customers to tend to minor tasks on their own and allows your agents to focus on more complex matters. Have a common ticket coming in? Simply turn the answer in a Knowledge Base article for quick access and solutions. With TeamSupport’s fully customizable Customer Hub, customers can find the answers they need in ways that they favor.


When customers call you to discuss their needs, TeamSupport makes it simple to recall all details of the conversation. By creating call logs, integrating with RingCentral to ensure the proper customer information is instantly displayed, and even auto-directing voicemails to emails then tickets, your team no longer has to rely on memory. These abilities encourage faster resolution times and guarantees details are remembered. 

Success workflow example


Success tasks


Social Media

Reaching out to businesses via social media channels is becoming more convenient for customers these days, so you need to make certain you’re there when they do. Integrate with Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a message if they contact you there.

TeamSupport has drastically reduced our support team's operating costs and increased our customer satisfaction by enabling easy case tracking and updates.

Matt Hillary
VP of Customer Service

Now we just have happy and relaxed customers. 


Chat puts you right in front of the visitor immediately. It opens a portal to create that instant dialogue between the visitor and the sales rep. It works out to our advantage.

Graham Cohen
Web Product Manager, AlienVault

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