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Software for Reducing Churn and Improving Customer Retention

Use TeamSupport's tools to gain full visibility into your customers' experience to prevent churn and increase your customer retention rate. Unforeseen and damaging churn doesn't have to happen. 

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Monitor Customer Relationships Easily

Reducing churn isn’t about fighting fires and stepping in to “save” a customer on the verge of leaving. It’s about building relationships with your customers and consistently providing them with positive experiences so that they don’t want to go elsewhere. TeamSupport makes it easy to monitor your customer relationships by providing 360-degree views of each account - ensuring you sustain and gradually increase your positive value.


Customer Distress Index (CDI)

While measuring CSAT and NPS is good for visibility into customer satisfaction, these scores are just one piece of the puzzle that is understanding customer health. With built-in CSAT and NPS surveys, in addition to our own proprietary health measurement, the Customer Distress Index (CDI), TeamSupport provides clarity into customer health so you can provide better customer service and grow customer revenue. 





Perfect your problem resolution skills with AI

We all make mistakes, but if we aren't learning from them, how can we grow? Among its collection of AI-powered tools, TeamSupport offers Recommended Improvements, helping agents learn from a ticket, and understand what they could improve upon next time. 

Proactive Customer Support Features

A major component to ensuring lifelong customers is engaging in proactive support rather than reactive support. Through the Customer Service Platform and CDI, you’re able to see places where the relationship could have faltered or at risk customers and make moves early - to guarantee customers continue to have positive experiences without interruption.

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Cross-Department Collaboration Keeps Customers Happy

Resolving customer issues is rarely the result of a single department and similarly, ensuring their happiness isn’t either. Collaboration is an innate part of developing the best plans to care for your customers. With TeamSupport, collaboration is built into our product suite to provide a foundation for open communication across teams, from support, to customer success, product, and engineering.

TeamSupport has drastically reduced our support team's operating costs and increased our customer satisfaction by enabling easy case tracking and updates.

Matt Hillary
VP of Customer Service

Now we just have happy and relaxed customers. 


Chat puts you right in front of the visitor immediately. It opens a portal to create that instant dialogue between the visitor and the sales rep. It works out to our advantage.

Graham Cohen
Web Product Manager, AlienVault

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