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Foster Customer Relationships With TeamSupport’s Customer Support Analytics Dashboard

TeamSupport’s reporting software uses personal performance and customer data analytics to empower you to make the most out of your customer relationships. By using the insights gained, you ensure your customer service efforts result in meaningful experiences. 


reporting dashboard

Customer Intelligence

reporting dashboard

Develop a true 360° view of your customer. The customer intelligence dashboard included in our solution gives you the ability to:

  • Track and trend changes in customer satisfaction and health
  • Identify churn risk or upsell opportunities
  • Perform deep analysis on ticket type and severity, resolution time, and product usage 
  • Customize the reporting dashboard to the specific needs of your business and your customers
quality dashboard

Customizable Reporting Dashboard

quality dashboard

Combine macro-level KPIs with drilldown functions to give you the customer data analytics you need to make informed decisions. With our customer support dashboard, you can have all the information you need to feel confident right at your fingertips. 


help desk agent reporting

Accessible Reports

help desk agent reporting

Zoom in for deep details or zoom out for big-picture overviews with real-time reporting you can access on any device. No matter how deep you need the information to be or where you need to access it, our customer care dashboard makes it easy for you to see it. 

customer service analytics

Actionable Data

customer service analytics

Stay ahead of important trends by mapping KPI thresholds and alerts. Apply learnings from customer data analytics to make informed decisions. When you have our customer analytics dashboard integrated into your existing setup, you’ll have an unprecedented degree of intelligence at your disposal whenever you need it.

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Our comprehensive customer data analytics software is fully customizable to help you meet your business’ specific needs. This means you can create custom dashboards for agents, managers and groups so they can focus on the most relevant metrics for their work. Providing your employees with the detailed and up-to-the-minute information they need to make the best possible decisions is a proven way to increase customer retention and reduce churn. 

We invite you to experience a live demo of our customer analytics software so you can see for yourself how valuable it can be for your operations. To learn more about everything our solutions can do for you, reach out to us today and request a quote.