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Transform complex data into powerful insights.

Built specifically for B2B customer support, the TeamInsights suite of dynamic features enable a new level of user creativity and engagement, with next-generation analytic capabilities-all powered by AI.

A customizable dashboard experience combines macro-level KPIs with drilldown capability, allowing you to fully realize the benefits your data provides, from evaluating overall performance to anticipating the smallest changes in your data.

This is TeamInsights. The next evolution of reporting.

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Imagine the ability to drill down into any analytics from the strengths and weaknesses of customer support agents to your support ticket backlog to the overall health of your customers—all from one customizable dashboard powered by AI.


A radical reimagining of what reporting can do. Analyze everything from the strengths and weaknesses of agentsto the health of your support ticket backlog to overall customer satisfaction.


Customizable Dashboards


The already robust out-of-the-box dashboards can be customized to your KPIs so your finger is on the pulse of what is most important to your business.



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Dynamic Data


Drill down from a high-level chart to the data powering it with a single click.




Stay notified of important trend changes when you define thresholds for your KPIs and get an alert when they are met.


Up to date and accessible on any device, your analytics will never be out of reach, and you’ll never be out of touch.


By combining your data in one seamless reporting suite, you’ll have a complete view of every aspect of your support team.



Take your reporting to the next level with the power of TeamInsights!

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