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With increasing revenue as its primary focus, Success boldly repositions the role of B2B customer support software in the industry. Through proactive features that improve your existing customer relationships, it is the first solution to fully realize the revenue potential of customer success.

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TeamSuccess is a proud partner with the Customer Success Association. The goal of the CSA is to provide you with access to the most relevant information about the continuing development of the profession, and to help connect you with more than 40,000 active members of the global Customer Success community.

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Fully realize the revenue potential of customer success.

All the info you need to make the right call. Track your metrics for success through the utilization of customer KPI dashboards and detailed reporting features.

  • Get proactive alerts about churn, upcoming renewals, or expansion opportunities.
  • Create and track success journey milestones.
  • Monitor customer health and adjust delivery practices to maximize impact of success activities and strengthen relationships.


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Revenue-Focused Customer Success Software

The cost of acquiring new customers is much greater than what it costs to retain existing ones. A 5% decrease in monthly churn can result in 50% more revenue over a five year period. The best way to protect and expand your core business is to ensure your customers are succeeding with your product. With TeamSuccess, this has never been easier. 

TeamSuccess provides features that enable your team to easily monitor, automate, and streamline your customer lifecycle, create more upsell opportunities, reduce the risk of churn, and ensure that as your customer relationships grow, your profits do, too.





Maximize the lifetime value of the customer when you reduce churn, improve renewal rates, and increase upsells and expansion.


When Customer Service Managers understand customer behaviors, they can make data-informed decisions to improve and grow the relationships.


Create and track success journey milestones—onboarding, adoption, success planning—and drive strategic initiatives to maximize product adoption and advocacy.

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