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Introducing TeamSuccess

TeamSuccess provides features that enable your team to easily monitor, automate, and streamline your customer lifecycle, create more upsell opportunities, reduce the risk of churn, and ensure that as your customer relationships grow, your profits do, too.

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Customer success software built for B2B.

Managing customer success relationships in the B2B industry often becomes complex in a hurry. Conversations are happening and it's difficult to get a gauge of who's saying what and how happy a customer truly is with your business.

TeamSuccess empowers companies to create strong customer relationships by providing a unique set of features to improve customer loyalty and retention..


Customer health tracking


Track all of your customer in one place and monitor their overall customer health in comparison to revenue, contract renewal data, and more so you can best plan your outreach efforts. Bring the important financial and time metrics to the forefront of your customer monitoring.




With a built-in native TeamSupport integration from day one, TeamSucces is a hub for customer information. It's easy to keep an eye on all of your support tickets with the integration between these two products, and also see what happening with Salesforce, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.


CSM portfolios


Every CSM (Customer Success Manager) within your company will be able to see the combined health of all their customers, total revenue they own, and much more. Selecting a customer from within their portfolio will show detailed health information, lifecycle stage, and more.

Customer lifecycles

CSM teams can set up different lifecycles for their customers, so they know instantly where a customer is in relation to their business. Examples include "Onboarding" and "Switching to a new CSM".

This is a great solution for keeping track of where any customer currently stands with your business. No more running down the right person to ask for the status of a customer, instead the information is right at your fingertips.

Customer workflows

Are you being smart with your customer interactions? With workflows, you can see at a glance what customers need love. Get alerts if customers aren't showing interest in your product and even determine what type of communication they need to reduce their chance of churning.

Workflows can be easily altered and customized to meet the unique needs of your CSM team.


CSM team metrics


How's that new member on your CSM team doing? With individual reports for each employee, leadership can easily monitor how every CSM is performing to adjust your strategy and customer portfolio as needed. It's a new approach to improving and optimizing your CSM team.


Customer segmentation


Want to track the health of your top 10 customers? How about your top 50? What about all your IT customers? In TeamSuccess it takes only a few clicks to group and monitor customers however you want to. Best of all, there's no limit to the amount of segments you can make.


Weighted health scores


As people we have different health needs, so why should all businesses track customer health the same way? Instead, customize your health scores in real-time by weighing support interactions, product usage, and financial terms as you see fit. Leveraging weightered health scores only unlocks more accurate customer health information.

TeamSuccess has all the features our business needs to focus on maintaining and even improving customer revenue. It's a perfect fit for our business!

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