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TeamSupport Help Desk Software + Azure DevOps Server / Azure DevOps Services


TeamSupport customer support software integrates with Microsoft's Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) and Azure DevOps Server (formerly TFS) end-to-end DevOps solution for developing and deploying software. Our native Azure DevOps integration helps improve communication and collaboration between teams for faster issue resolution.
It only takes a minute to integrate with Azure DevOps, so if you're using it to keep track of bugs or DevOps you can quickly and easily start syncing information and updates between the two systems.


TeamSupport makes managing service tickets a breeze.

Terry Brailsford
Automation Engineering
TFS integration
TFS integration

How It Works

  • TeamSupport help desk tickets can be synced with new or existing Azure DevOps Work items
  • Any change made in the status, type or any of the fields listed in the custom mappings in the Azure DevOps work item will be synced to all of the TeamSupport tickets linked with it
  • Azure DevOps info will be visible on the TeamSupport Product Page, Ticket Page, and via Reporting
  • You can create or update a Work item from the Ticket Page in TeamSupport
  • Updating TeamSupport with changes in Azure DevOps ticket can be done using the API and custom development
  • Azure DevOps data will show on the TeamSupport Product page and Ticket page
  • Azure DevOps errors will be logged in the Ticket History

Key Features

  • Integrate with either the Installed (Azure DevOps Server) or Cloud (Azure DevOps) version
  • Support for Custom Fields
  • Link multiple tickets in TeamSupport to a Work Item in Azure DevOps
  • Public actions created in the TeamSupport ticket will be created in the linked Azure DevOps Work Item
  • Public comments in Azure DevOps will also be created in the related TeamSupport ticket
  • Sync Ticket Title, Status, Type, Tags, Severity, Description, and Product (Project)
  • You choose which action types will push to Azure DevOps as comments

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