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Visual Customer Support Improves Clarity Between Customers and Agents.

TeamSupport's powerful visual help desk solution lets companies eliminate confusion between their reps and customers




VideoView™ lets agents make a video recording using their webcam to show features of technical products, or what steps to take to resolve an issue. The best part?  Your customers can do this too!  So instead of trying to explain a complicated issue via email, they can record the issue first-hand and send the video within their ticket. 

VideoView also provides an opportunity to create a more personal connection between your agents and your customers - you could even send a nice welcome video to new customers!




TeamSupport ScreenView™ provides integrated screen recordings so your agents can better explain a solution to your customers. You can record your screen and embed it in a ticket so your customers can watch the video.  You can re-size and re-position your screen as needed, and even disable audio.

Your customers can also use ScreenView™ to show exactly what issue they are having, making it easier for the agent to provide a solution and improve ticket resolution times!




TeamSupport's visual customer service software supports in-line images and attachments to enable further detail and clarification. Images can be added directly to/within tickets by both customers and agents. They can also be included in knowledge base articles so you can create helpful documentation and even step by step instructions for customer self-service.

Send a screenshot to show a software setting, or a schematic to show the location of a specific part - the possibilities are endless!

TeamSupport has helped our team become organized and ensured that we are delivering the best customer service to our customers.
Karissa Parker
Jackrabbit Technologies
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