Published: September 20, 2022

Bringing Patient-Centric Practices To Healthcare Organizations

TeamSupport sponsors the Patient Experience Exchange to invite

businesses to be more patient-first

September 20, 2022 - Dallas, TX - It’s no secret that the post-Covid world is dramatically different than where we used to be. With stark increases in patient expectations and call volumes, healthcare organizations are forced to re-examine their practices to ensure patient needs are met. Here to make that simpler and more easily attained, TeamSupport is helping healthcare organizations gain full visibility into their patients so their experience is enhanced. 

TeamSupport, a customer support platform whose four products offer powerful insights into patients, is sponsoring next week’s Patient Experience Exchange in St. Petersburg, FL in hopes of inspiring organizations to bring more patient-centric practices to their operations. The event allows for pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings between solution providers and senior patient executives to have in-depth discussions on resolutions for critical business challenges. 

Lately, much of these challenges focus on improving the patient experience in a post-Covid world. Due to their customer-centric nature, TeamSupport is urging businesses to bring their patients to the center of everything they do so that they’re cared for in more effective and convenient ways - noting that increased expectations can be met with the right tools. This can be achieved through TeamSupport’s popular HIPAA-compliant chat, ticket management tool that is often used as an internal help desk for healthcare organizations, and other products that were developed with patient-centricity in mind.

Through the Patient Experience Exchange, TeamSupport is eager to show organizations how easy it is to bring patients to the center of their operations, leading to happier, more satisfied customers whose needs are met. For more information on TeamSupport's healthcare capabilities, please visit this link

Published : September 20, 2022

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