Published: May 03, 2017

Live Chat Customer Service Enhances B2B Customer Support

New Features Make It Easier Than Ever to Engage Customers with Video, Audio, Screen Share, and More!

TeamSupport business (B2B) help desk and customer support software today announced the launch of a major enhancement to their built-in customer chat functionality. Containing several advanced features, the update simplifies and modernizes chat support with new in-chat webcam, audio, screen share, image pasting, and file attachment functionality. The update also provides a direct link to TeamSupport’s built-in Knowledge Base to make finding answers even easier.

“Live chat is an extremely popular and growing channel for customer support,” says TeamSupport CEO Robert C. Johnson. “Customers prefer chat because it’s fast, easy, and eliminates waiting on hold for phone support or waiting for email replies. Support teams like chat because simple questions can be answered quickly and efficiently in real-time.”

TeamSupport’s live chat customer service feature has always been integrated directly within the system for ease of use and issue tracking purposes, but these recent improvements make the feature one of the best in the customer support industry.

Chat settings.jpgThese improvements include two visual support tools that give users the option to use TeamSupport’s ScreenView™ and VideoView™ functionality directly within live customer chat, making it easier for customers to explain complicated issues and for agents to communicate detailed solutions. Instead of typing out long exchanges to describe problems and convey solutions, chat participants can simply share their screen or webcam to resolve software/hardware issues or conduct product training sessions in real-time. This feature is perfect for the many B2B support situations in which showing is better than telling, saving time for agents and customers alike. Video chat also allows a more personal touch to customer support interactions, which can be great for training and onboarding purposes. Audio chat is also available for “live” conversations without video.

The update also includes an Inline Image Paste capability that allows users to insert images directly in chat conversations with ease using either drag-and-drop or cut and paste functionality. This makes it possible for agents and customers to quickly share photos, schematics, training material and other images for problem resolution or training. Drag-and-drop File Attachment functionality also makes it incredibly simple to share files during live chat sessions.

Finally, the new chat interface is powered by the TeamSupport Knowledge Base (KB) and enables agents to deliver faster and more efficient customer support. Agents can now search for related tickets or KB articles while in an active chat, enabling them to tap into the Knowledge Base for speedy resolution - all without ever leaving the chat window.

“According to industry experts the chat industry is projected to continue its accelerated growth rate through 2020,” says Johnson. “This industry trend, along with customer feedback, led us to rethink our customer chat functionality. A picture, shared video, audio, or file can eliminate the need for support agents and customers to type thousands of words. And in-chat access to the TeamSupport Knowledge Base makes finding answers faster and easier than ever before.”

Like most TeamSupport innovations, the new chat features were inspired by customer feedback. Use cases for the new features include virtually any B2B chat support scenario. Software support agents can now walk customers through on-screen steps in real-time using the live chat screen share feature. Manufacturers can help customers set up equipment or physically show product features and settings with live video and audio. Likewise, customers and users can provide detailed descriptions of their questions and issues to speed up the resolution process.

TeamSupport is focused on providing advanced customer support solutions for B2B organizations, delivering tools that help companies provide faster, more efficient customer support to resolve issues and manage the overall customer relationship through collaboration and customer visibility. The rollout of these new features improves the live chat support process and provides agents and customers with powerful new tools to solve problems and communicate vital information. To find out more watch a demo of our software.

Published : May 3, 2017

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