Published: January 04, 2021

Customer Support Demand Rises, Shifts to Proactive Revenue-Driving Focus

New research-based report examines current trends in customer support delivery, offers tangible guidance for B2B customer support and service professionals.

January 5, 2021—Dallas—Customer Support Transformation: The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics, the new research-based report by Service Excellence Research Group (ServiceXRG) in collaboration with TeamSupport, examines important trends in customer support delivery and offers tangible guidance for customer support and service professionals to meet growing expectations of both customers and company executives.

“B2B support demand is growing by almost 11 percent, acknowledges Melissa Hendrick, Chief Marketing Officer at TeamSupport, an award-winning post-sale B2B customer support software solution provider for technology-enabled companies. The customer support function traditionally has been reactive and transactional, but it is evolving to be more proactive, helping to strengthen customer relationships.” She goes on, “Customer support is now playing a key role in driving recurring revenues and dramatically reducing churn.”

“The Customer Support Transformation report highlights the challenges customer support leaders face and offers insights into the practices and metrics companies need to successfully scale support and deliver the level of service customers expect,” said Tom Sweeny, CEO of ServiceXRG, a leading industry research and consulting firm. It outlines ten actionable Support imperatives that customer support leaders must focus on to drive the continued transformation of this function, including:

  • Focusing on delivering positive experiences that retain customer relationships
  • Prioritizing investment in customer support initiatives to reduce demand and to help customers gain greater self-sufficiency
  • Leveraging customer interactions and support case data to identify predictive and preventative opportunities

“Support has always been ready to embrace new ways to improve customer experiences and achieve greater efficiencies,” Sweeny concludes. “This study finds that Support has reached an inflection point where subscription-based relationships, the imperative to drive product adoption, and the perennial challenges of resource constraints and demands for cost efficiency suggest that incremental changes to Support are no longer enough.”  

The full report is now available for download.


About TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a post-sale award-winning customer support software provider built specifically for the unique needs of B2B (business-to-business) technology-enabled companies within the computer software, hardware, information technology services, and telecom industries. Created by B2B customer support industry experts, TeamSupport has spent the past decade creating a support solution that helps build passionate customer bases for its clients. TeamSupport stands alone as the leading support solution that helps solve for sophisticated client needs and fuels successful client interactions. 

The TeamSupport suite of solutions includes TeamInsights, a customizable reporting and analytics dashboard.

TeamSupport is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at


About Service Excellence Research Group

Since 2004, ServiceXRG has guided the world’s leading technology companies in their strategic efforts to retain customers, grow recurring revenue, and achieve cost efficiencies through the delivery of high-quality Technical Support and Customer Success services. We accomplish this through in-depth technology services industry research, best practices and performance benchmarking, and expert coaching services. Learn more at


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Published : January 4, 2021

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