Published: December 01, 2020

Customer Support Data Is Transformed Into Powerful Insights

Innovative new reporting and analytics product, Teamlnsights, enables B2B customer support teams to simplify complex data and transform it into actionable strategies.

December 1, 2020—Dallas—Business-to-business (B2B) customer support professionals are now able to optimize agents in valuable new ways with an innovative new reporting and analytics product, TeamInsights, released by TeamSupport, an award-winning B2B customer support software solution.

“TeamInsights is the next evolution of reporting and analytics,” said TeamSupport CEO Pete Khanna. “Data is only valuable to customer support organizations if it can be transformed into actionable information. TeamInsights leverages AI to uncover hidden insights and suggest new visualizations, all within the context of your dashboard’s data model.”

As today’s businesses are dynamic, advanced reporting and analytics tools should enable a new level of user creativity and engagement. Khanna goes on, “TeamInsights was built specifically for B2B customer support teams and based on feedback from our TeamSupport customers. It will drive more strategic decision-making and enable stronger customer relationships.”

TeamInsights is the newest product offering from TeamSupport. More information can be found at

About TeamSupport

TeamSupport is an award-winning customer support software company built specifically for the unique needs of B2B (business-to-business) companies. Created by industry experts, the company has built the single source B2B solution from customer support to success.

With an emphasis on streamlined collaboration among teams and built around the entire B2B customer, rather than focused on each individual contact or ticket, TeamSupport stands alone as a mission-critical support and success cloud-based software solution created for B2B technology-enabled businesses who need to help other businesses address and resolve customer support issues and enable success.

The TeamSupport suite of solutions includes TeamInsights, a customizable reporting and analytics dashboard.

Founded in 2009, TeamSupport is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at

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Published : December 1, 2020

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