Published: March 08, 2023

Engaging With Your Customers Wherever They May Be: TeamSupport Launches New Messaging Channels

Extend your reach on a global scale by chatting with customers on the channels they prefer - all from one, centralized place

March 8th, 2023 - TeamSupport, the leading provider of B2B customer support software, has announced the launch of two new messaging channels, Google Business Messages and WhatsApp, to help businesses extend their reach and enhance customer support - without adding complexity to their systems and workflows.

Through these integrations, businesses can increase their customer support volume and interact with customers, in real-time on the channels they prefer. More uniquely however, businesses can also use live chat messaging channels to reduce sales cycles and increase lead volume. Offering a variety of messaging channels ensures a smooth and personalized customer experience, which is appealing to visitors.

"Today's customers expect seamless and immediate responses across various channels," said Casey Vick, Product Marketing Manager at TeamSupport. "We are thrilled to offer these new messaging channels to our customers, empowering them to enhance their support, accessibility, and expand their reach through these widely-used, global platforms. We're confident that these integrations will not only improve their customers’ experience but also increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and loyalty."

The new messaging channels are fully integrated into TeamSupport's live chat software, making it easier for businesses and agents to manage their channels in one place. Businesses can now provide opportunities for engagement through SMS-to-chat, web, social media, Google Business Messages, and WhatsApp, all from a single platform and interface - making it easy for agents to manage their customer interactions. 

"We wanted to help businesses streamline their communications with customers by removing complexities and inefficiencies," said Vick. "Oftentimes, if support software offers multiple messaging channels, the agents still have to navigate through various interfaces and keep track of all their conversations. We eliminated that. All of TeamSupport’s messaging channels are in a centralized place - making workflows easier and more efficient. "

With the launch of these new messaging channels, TeamSupport continues to be a leading provider of customer support software that empowers businesses to grow their customer relationships and engage in meaningful conversations on whichever platform their customer prefers. 

For a demo of TeamSupport’s Messaging Channels, please follow this link

Published : March 8, 2023

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