Help Desk Software Launches All-New Integration with Jira

Customers using TeamSupport’s collaborative help desk software and Jira’s software development and bug-tracking software can now connect these functions through a powerful all-in-one solution, one of the industry’s leading customer support software solutions, announced today the launch of its newest feature: an all-new integration with Jira, the issue and bug-tracking software created by Atlassian.

This new integration between TeamSupport and Jira connects the two powerful apps together, linking customer support tickets in TeamSupport with software engineering tickets in Jira.

The result? The customer support team uses TeamSupport, the software engineering team uses Jira, and tickets can be linked from one software to the other, allowing each team to see what the other is doing and resolve issues even faster.

As a result of this powerful new integration, a software company’s customer support and engineering/IT teams will dramatically improve communication and collaboration among teams—and customers will benefit from faster resolution of issues.

Jira, which is used by 19,000 customers, including 70% of Fortune 100 companies, sits at the center of the software development process, connecting teams with development tasks such as bug tracking, feature creation, agile planning and activity monitoring.

“TeamSupport is the trusted help desk software for software clients of all sizes, many of whom have been asking for a comprehensive integration with Jira for an all-in-one solution to track and solve their customers’ software issues,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “In response to our customers, we are pleased to announce this all-new integration, which allows users to bring together the very best of TeamSupport and Jira to serve customers better, faster and more proactively than ever.”

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